Vampire in Atlantis

Vampire in Atlantis

Series: Warriors of Poseidon bk 7

Alyssa Day

The most unexpected of all allies to Poseidon’s warriors has proven to be the fiercest—Daniel, a vampire and Night Guild mage. But even the strongest alliance can be destroyed when an 11,000 year-old desire is reborn…

A vampire’s oath, a maiden’s quest…

Daniel, vampire and ally of the Warriors of Poseidon, has fought on the side of humanity—even against his fellow creatures of the night—for more than 11,000 years.  But the crushing weight of futility and the reality of always being starkly, utterly alone has forced him to finally give into despair. He took the first step into the sunlight that would destroy him—and instead walked into Atlantis.

And the blackest of magic that could consume them both…

Eleven thousand years ago, Serai was one of a group who agreed to be placed into magical stasis to ensure the future of the Atlantean race. When a dark sorceress steals the gemstone that protects her sleeping sisters, she awakens to a vastly changed world—and the one man she could never, ever forget. And with an ancient evil tracking their every step, the long-lost lovers must battle both the darkest of magic and the treacheries of their own hearts.

I am a HUGE fan of this series. When I first picked up the series book 2 had just come out, and I hooked immediately. Alyssa has the capacity to suck me and not let go until I have read the last page and then make me want to read it all over again. I will admit though that I missed the last book and I apparently need to read it because it does explain a bit about how Daniel gets to be where he is in the beginning of this book.

One of my favorite themes in books is lovers reunited. I love to see first loves get their chance at happily ever after, especially if the separation was not their doing. This is the case of Daniel and Serai.

I am not going to tell you much about the characters themselves because I think that will spoil the book. This book is very much all about Daniel and Serai and them over coming and accepting what happened to them all those years ago, and forgiving each other as well.

Daniel has always been a character that intrigued me because I could never figure him out completely. As I read this book however everything that he has done in the last couple of books makes perfect sense to me now.

Serai is a new character and I have to say as I read about her and watched her with Daniel I honestly couldn’t have pictured him with anyone else. She is just the right amount of attitude to keep him in check.

As this book ends there are a couple of interesting twists, there is whole thing with Alaric, Quinn and Jack (can’t wait for their story) and then the introduction of a new vampire Nicholas.

This is an excellent continuation of a great series that really does get better with each book.

Grade A

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    I love this series, and wish the postman would hurry with this book! So, not reading your review yet.


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