Red Night

Title: Red Night

Series: Chronicles of the Taken bk 1

Author: Michelle Callahan

Genre: Paranormal/Time Travel

Stolen from Death… Slaves to the gods…Given incredible gifts… Dark passions…and Impossible odds. They are The Taken

When Alexa is Taken from her home and sent through time her orders are clear, to stop the “Red Death” from escaping its laboratory prison and killing billions of people. Able to bend light and walk unseen among us, she has four days to find and annihilate all traces of the virus. No sacrifice is too great if she can prevent the horrible events of the Red Night, even if it means eliminating the sexy scientist destined to destroy the world.

Luke Harrison created a monster then locked it away. But destiny, greed and betrayal will collide to unleash it. Now Luke must find a way to cheat death and save the sassy temptress sent to kill him. Everyone is keeping secrets and choices must be made. Unfortunately for Alexa and Luke, the price of trusting another, or falling in love, are much too high…

Okay I am going to put this out there before I even start this review. I love Michelle. She has to be one of the funnest people I have ever met and I absolutely loved hanging out with her at RomCon last year and can hardly wait to hang with her again this year.

From the moment that this book began I was hooked. It is unlike anything I have read lately and I found that really refreshing.

Alexa has always known her destiny and that she would one day have a mission what she didn’t realize was that the man that she is sent to eliminate is her destined mate. Luke has always known who his future was going to be spent with as he has dreamed of her every night from the time that was sixteen.

Luke and Alexa worked for me so well on so many levels. They are both strong and capable characters by themselves. However when they work together and open up to each other they are so much better. And the sexual tension is just the right amount.

This is a really quick read as it is a novella but it sets up the premise for the series beautifully and leaves you wanting more of this series. The action is non-stop and the chemistry between Alexa and Luke is fun to watch.

If you are looking for a fun new author than you can’t go wrong with Michelle.

Grade A

You can purchase the book here



  1. Kathy Miller

    Red Night sounds like I would absolutely love it. But so far I’ve resisted getting an e-reader. It kills me to find something I want to read and not have it available in print form.

  2. Michele C

    Thanks so much, Heather! I had a ton of fun writing Alexa and Luke. She would NOT stay in the box and made me laugh out loud. I had a blast with you ladies at RomCon last year and can’t wait to do it again! See you all soon!


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