50 Ways to Hex your Lover

50 Ways to Hex your Lover
Linda Wisdon

Rating 4

Jazz can’t decide whether to scorch him with a fireball or jump into bed with him

Jasmine Tremaine, a witch who cant stay out of troubleNikolai Gregorivich, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop on the trail of a serial killer

The sizzling love affair between Jazz and Nick has been off-again-on-again-for about 300 years. Mostly off, lately. But now Nick needs Jazzs help, and while Jazz and Nick try to figure out their own hearts and resist their ever-increasing attraction, they must steer clear of a maniacal killer with super-supernatural powers. They are surrounded by a hilarious cast of oddball paranormal characters, including Norma, the chain-smoking ghost who haunts Jazzs sports car, Dweezil, her ghoul of a boss, and Fluff and Puff, a pair of bunny slippers with sharp teeth and short tempers (watch your ankles!).

REVIEW: It took me a bit to warm to this book. I picked it up and put it down I don’t know how many times before I finally decided to stop putting it down and keep reading. Half way through I was glad that I had. There was just something about Jazz and Nick and their history, that kept me thinking there is more to these two than meets the eye, I wonder if they are going to figure it out.

This is a book that you have to be in the mood for, as it can be funny at times and yet serious as both Jazz and Nick deal with not only their past history but also the present and quite possibly their future. I will definitely be picking up the second book about these two characters.


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