A Little Harmless Addiction

A Little Harmless Addiction
Harmless bk 5
Melissa Schroeder

Falling in love might not be the smart thing, but it might be the one thing they both need.

Jocelyn Dupree has come to Hawaii to heal. After a horrific experience with her last boss, she is on the mend and ready to start again. She is focused on rebuilding her life and her career as a pastry chef. She definitely doesn’t need a man in her life, or so she thinks.

Kai Aiona has always been the guy to mend a broken heart. Unfortunately, the last heart that was broken was his. He has sworn off damaged women, but he can’t resist Jocelyn’s sad eyes, not to mention her determination to succeed.

One little date turns into several and soon, Jocelyn finds herself easily addicted to Kai’s sensual nature. Resisting him becomes impossible, but Jocelyn isn’t ready to trust completely. When Kai discovers she hasn’t been telling him everything, Jocelyn is left with two choices: trust her heart, or let the one man she has ever loved go.

I admit it I have a Harmless Addiction I am completely addicted to this series, and freely admit that I cyber stalk Melissa to make sure that I don’t miss anything in this series.
Kai is normally the rebound guy, and that is perfectly fine with him as he has no intention of settling down. That is until Keisha his high school sweetheart came back into his life (this is played out in A Little Harmless Lie). What he never expected was for him to want more and her to leave him high and dry. For the first time in his life he is swearing off women. That is until Jocelyn comes into his life. The one woman he shouldn’t want, and yet he does. What he never expected was to want her for more than the usual casual sex.

Jocelyn has come to Hawaii to be by her brother Chris (from a Little Harmless Pleasure) after a very bad year. Everyone has spent the last year coddling her, and not letting her breathe. She is determined to get her life back. What she didn’t expect was to feel any kind of desire for a man, but the moment she meets Kai she feels the pull of desire in more than a year.

Watching these two put themselves back together and come together is such a great read. I was so completely caught up in it that I didn’t register anyone or anything the entire time I read it.
The secondary story that is happening with Chris and Cynthia is absolutely great. I had to laugh out loud at it. Then there is Evan and May, there are some great scenes between May and Kai and Kai and Evan and all three of them.

If you are a fan of this series than you will most definitely not be disappointed in this story as it has all the stuff that we have come to love with this series. Great characters, realistic story line, hot sex (sorry no bdsm in this one it is all vanilla sex) and best of all a great love story.

Grade A

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  1. katiebabs

    This sounds like a great read. I really enjoy Melissa’s books. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Tiffany James

    Gosh, I love that cover! And now I must read it. :0) Thanks for the review.

    Tiffany James


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