A Seductive Kiss by Francis Ray

Title: A Seductive Kiss

Series: Grayson Friends Series bk 1

Author: Francis Ray

Genre: Contemporary


Dianna Harrington is known throughout the world as “The Face”—the stunningly beautiful spokesmodel for her family’s fashion empire. She could probably have her pick of any man she wants. But Dianna would rather kick back and relax with a good friend—namely Alex Stewart, who she’s known, and harbored a crush on, her whole life…


Ever since they were kids, Alex has been Dianna’s protector and pal, a shoulder to cry on. But as the brother of her best friend, Alex always seemed untouchable. Now a handsome, successful New York lawyer, Alex never realized how lonely Dianna’s life has been—or how innocent she is in the ways of love. Alex wants more than anything to reach out to her, to heal her heart. But is his desire worth the risk? After a lifetime of longing building up between them, somethings gotta give. Maybe all it takes is just one kiss…

When I got this book in the mail I took one look at the cover and KNEW I had to read it. I mean come on isn’t that cover gorgeous? I had also never read a book by Francis but I have to say after reading I want more of her books. I’m one of those readers who I have to read at least two books of the authors and absolutely LOVE them both before they go on the auto-buy and read shelf. Francis Ray did it with one book for me.

One of my favorite romance tropes is the friends to lovers story-lines, especially when both people have feelings but are afraid to make that jump from friend to lover in the chance that they will lose that friendship. That is the one of the key aspects of this book.

Even though she is one of the top fashion models in the industry and the face of her families design house Dianna’s not had an easy life.  At least when it comes to family. So when she and Alex decide to make that move from friends to lovers and then her world falls apart she has no one to turn to…or so she thinks.

When Dianna finally gives Alex the all clear on making the move from friends to lovers he is ready for it all. Sex, marriage and then babies. He hates the way that she is treated at her job, and whenever he tries to help her she brushes it away. One of the hardest things he has to do is silently support her when her world crumples.

From the first page to the last page I loved everything about this book. More for Alex than Dianna I think. There was just something about him and his relationship with his two best friends C.J.  and Sin and how they always support each other even when they don’t agree with each other. One of my favorite signs of a great hero is one who while he wants to rush in and save the heroine and get justice on her behalf he holds himself back and is just there letting her know he has her back.

By the end of this book I was completely hooked and immediately wanted more of these amazing heroes and the women they love. If you have never read one of her books than you can’t go wrong with this book which kick starts a new series for her.

Grade A


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