All I Want For Halloween by Marie Harte

 Title: All I Want For Halloween

Series:  n/a

Author:  Marie Harte


Blurb:  When Sadie Liberato is cajoled by her brother to attend a costume party a month before Halloween, she had no idea she’d fall for a handsome devil in a mask. Or that she’d have one hellishly fine encounter in the dark. But when her masked devil turns out to be Gear Blackstone, fallen TV reality star of the super popular show, Motorcycle Madnezz, she wonders if this is a match made in heaven or hell…

Favorite quotes: “Sure thing, Fifty Shades of Insanity.  So long as you’re there Saturday and you’re charming.  Or just not angry.  Okay?”

“I’ve been better.  Been getting the cold shoulder from your sister.”  He gave her a sad face.  “Way to make a guy feel bad about himself.  Dodging me.  Ignoring me.  What?  I didn’t give you enough orgasms?”

“Xena, if you have to ask, I must not be doing it right.  Here.  Feel this.”  He took her hand and pressed it against his groin.  “I’m always like this with you.  But mostly it’s from watching you kick ass.  And eating your cookies.  And hearing you make fun of your brother, because you’re really good at that.”

“Nuh-uh.  It’s too late for you, Xena.  Because I’ve already decided to keep what I want.  And what I want is you.”

Thoughts: All I Want For Halloween wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  It’s a little bit on the rougher side, and pretty blunt and explicit.  Honestly, it seems like a mix of Roni Loren and her erotica series Loving On The Edge and the bad boy biker style of Joanna Wylde’s Reaper’s MC.  This is not a bad thing at all, but I mention it as those genres are just not for everyone – so just approach with caution!  IIf you don’t typically like that style of writing, you won’t enjoy the book.  I honestly enjoyed it – the book had moments of humor, moments of erotic-no holds barred sex, and moments of gruff emotion.  There were light-hearted moments and moments when you get so mad you want to punch something!…LOL  This book is nothing if not a producer of strong emotions.  You’ll love it or hate it.  It’s just that kind of book.  I admire the slap in the face honesty of the book and the gritty and raw style of writing Marie Harte brought to the book – I’ve always enjoyed her books, but even for her it’s a bit on the rougher side.

If you go into it knowing what you are in store for as a reader it will make all the difference.

Rate:  A


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