Alpha Within by Mima

Title:  Alpha Within

Series:  Bonded Fantasy #3

Author:  Mima

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal, Erotic

Blurb:   To take her place at his side, she has to master the alpha…
Dar hunted for the uniquely powerful bodymage for two years. Then the Snowcat Alpha discovers she is more than his Clan’s last chance… she is his personal destiny. He finally corners her and drags her back to their lair, triumphant.
Luna is deeply familiar with what desperation does to people. She understands it can drive them into situations they know are wrong. So she doesn’t blame Dar when his shapeshifter nature slips his rigid control. Their fiery connection surprised them both. But understanding with the brain doesn’t always equal a peaceful heart, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to come back from seeing a monster in her bed. Somehow, Luna has to overcome her fear, because she has never wanted anything for herself the way she wants this brave man.
The Alpha’s patience needs to heal the healer… before the whole Clan is lost.

Thoughts:  This was an interesting book, and I can’t quite say that I’ve read another novel like it.  Once I started it, it captured your attention and really held your interest, and it will definitely be one that sticks out in your mind.  Thoroughly enjoyable book!

Rate:  A


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