AnD tHe WiNnErEs ArE!!!!

Bet you all thought that I had forgotten, no I didn’t. It has been one of those days and I have only just now been able to post this.

The winners of the BBAW contest are as follows….

Lynn Kurland Spotlight – Llehn

I love Harlequin Books – Alyce

Interview with Naida the Bookworm – Paradox

Books into Movies – Ang

The Scavenger Hunt – Throuthehaze

The Answers to the Scavenger Hunt are…
1- In Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter, which hunter and oracle were best friends in real life (hint they are in the first two books)

Julian of Macedonia (Fantasy Lover) and Kyrain of Thrace (Night Pleasures)

2- Nora Roberts wrote a quartet about 4 brothers that were adopted from the foster care system, who are they and what are their books?
The Chesapeake Bay Series
Cameron – Sea Swept
Ethan – Rising Tides
Phillip – Inner Harbor
Seth – Chesapeake Blue

3- Which of Kerrelyn Sparks Vampire’s likes to collect cars, and aged 12 years in 12 days? (name and book)
Ian McPhie – All I want for Christmas is a Vampire

4- Which of Julie Garwood’s historical hero’s grandson get’s his own story in a contemporary book? (Name both characters and their books)

Cole Clayborne – Come the Spring (he is in all the Rose books but this one is his book)
Noah Clayborne – Shadow Dance (he is in all the FBI books but this one is his book)

5- Deidre Knights new series God’s of Midnight has origins to what historical event?

The Battle at Thermoplaye

6- Name one title in each of Stephanie Laurens series.
There are several books for this one.
7- Name the Daratrazanoff siblings and their books in Christine Feehan’s Dark Series.

Lucian – Dark Guardian
Gabriel – Dark Legend
Gregori – Dark Magic
Darius – Dark Fire
Desari – Dark Challenge

8- Kasey Michaels wrote two books featuring twin brothers what are the brother names and their books? (can also find this answer here on my blog)

Jack Trehan – Love to Love you Baby
Tim Trehan – Be my baby Tonight

9- Name all the names that the author Jayne Ann Krentz writes under and their genre’s.

Jayne Ann Krentz – Contemporary
Amanda Quick – Historical
Janye Castle – Fantasy/Paranormal



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  1. Llehn

    I had a blast this week Heather! Thanks for the fun! I'm off to email you now.


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