Angel Falling by Audrey Carlan

angel fallingTitle:  Angel Falling

Series:  Falling Series book 1

Author:  Audrey Carlan

Genre: Erotic Romance

 Aspen Reynolds has it all. Wealth, beauty, and a spot on the Forbes Top Ten Most Successful Women list. From the outside, she is perfect. Looks and status can be deceiving. All her life she has fought being the socialite her family has raised her to be. Now at twenty-eight she’s at the top of her game, lacking the one thing she didn’t know she’d ever want.

Accidents happen and lives are changed when Aspen is almost killed. Hank Jensen, the man who saves her, is a hard-working country boy from Texas. Hank is the polar opposite of the rich city boys she’s used to. He’s rugged, gritty, devastatingly handsome, and makes it clear that he wants her in his life and his bed.

Can two people from different worlds find a happily ever after?

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content. This novel will be part of a three part series but is written as a standalone between this particular couple. The other two books in the series will focus on different characters with snippets of past couples as the stories move along.

I ‘met’ Audrey Carlan through Facebook – oh the wonders of technology – and immediately struck up a friendship that led to me discovering that she was on the brink of publishing her very first book!  How exciting, exhilarating and frightening!  I told her I would love to read her work and low-and-behold I became a beta for Angel Falling.  What an honor to read Audrey’s words before the general public!  This is my review for the first book in the series that went live Feb 9th.  I cried, I snort laughed, I got hot flashes!!   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hank saves Aspen from being injured during a freak construction accident but in the process he gets hurt himself.  Under the cover of making sure she doesn’t get sued (the accident happened on her company’s property) Aspen sets Hank up in her own home for recovery and rehabilitation.  Of course she is only trying to ensure that Hank gets the best care possible… and if a little hanky-panky goes on in the mean time they are two consenting adults, right?

Aspen and Hank and this cast of characters blew me away!  Her best friend/assistant Oliver and her sister London and Hank’s mother…  their personalities and antics made me turn the pages faster to see what was going to happen next! And don’t even get me started on Aspen’s mother – that woman is a piece of work!

This story is a great blend of good ol’ boy dialect (Hank is from TX) and modern vernacular (Aspen is a hard working socialite turned business woman from NY) that combine to make the book easy to relate to and get lost in!  With the words, terms and everyday slang that are used, I felt connected and vested in the characters and their journey.

As pointed out in the books description this book is the first of a three part series but is a standalone read.  So without giving too much away, I was thrilled with the wrap up of Aspen and Hank’s story! Book 2 in the series, London Falling, will be out soon and I cannot wait to see what Audrey Carlan has in store for us and for London!!

Best Passage –  from Hank’s POV:  She stood and I reached for her hand.  Gripping her wrist I pulled her close enough that I could grab the back of her nape and crush her lips to mine.  She moaned and I ate up every sound.  Our tongues mingled slow and unhurried.  Kissing her was like going home.  The feelings were hard to explain.  Being with her was comfortable, safe, the only place you ever wanted to be with the added benefit of all encompassing lust and need.  I didn’t want to think about how it could be like this.  So easy, so fast.  It just felt right.

Grade:  A+



  1. Audrey Carlan

    Thank you to The Book Reading Gals and most especially to Jeananna for her lovely words. YOU! Almost made ME cry this time! Love to you and yours. Namaste.

    1. Jeananna

      Lord knows I owe you some tears… 2% in and I’m crying… yes I’m a wuss but it was so sweet and poignant! Audrey- your gift for words will bring you huge success!! LOVE all your pieces!

  2. Cyndi Moran

    Loved it and anyone who does not like Hank is just wrong! I also had tears at the dinner when she told Hank about the baby. I am so glad your sister turned Terabytes on to your new book! I will look forward to your future ones with brest anticipation.

  3. Nikki Chiverrell

    This novel stirred so many different emotions in me. It is the kind of roller coaster ride that leaves you breathless and running to the front of the line to ride again! I laughed, I cried, I blushed (often). The characters are charming, the story is captivating, and I cannot wait for London Falling! Kudos to this author for a knock out first novel.

  4. Audrey Carlan

    Wow! You guys are making me feel like a million dollars! Thank you so much for your kind words. I better get to finishing the 2nd in the series!


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