Are you a Brenda Joyce Fan, if so then PLEASE read….

Melanie sent me an email today that was a forward from one of her favorite authors. In a bid to help out the author and fans of hers I am posting the letter that she sent out…

Dear Readers,
I finally have definitive news on the next Deadly book! As you probably know, last summer the publisher (Mira) asked me to write the 9th book in the series. I was surprised and thrilled. Now they plan to release that title as part of a Deadly trilogy with the reissues Deadly Illusions and Deadly Kisses. The date for the trilogy is January, February, March 2011.

If that seems far away, remember that working authors are always working on previously contracted titles. I have just finished another de Warenne novel, and I have just started to research and plot the 9th Deadly book, which I doubt I will even start writing till February.

Having put the series aside for so many years (at Mira’s request, not mine!), I have been rereading all of the 8 previous titles to reacquaint myself with Francesca, Hart, Bragg and her escapades and adventures. I had forgotten how much I like this series, how much I like Francesca, and how madly in love with Hart I am! That being said, I would love to write 3 more Deadlies. Mira is interested, but it will depend on 2 factors. First, the level of enthusiasm in the coming six months when they try to “sell in” the books to the accounts (stores), and in 2011, the actual sales. I have no control over this; publishing is in a much greater, deeper recession than the overall economy. Books are only published when a publisher is actually willing to pay to do so! If Mira won’t publish these books, because of lack of sales, neither will anyone else. I want to be very clear. It is REALLY scary out there. Like all of you, I am interested in continuing to have a job. I cannot write 3 more titles if no one will publish them!

Mira is launching Deadly Vows (tentative title) with the previous 2 titles in an attempt to grow the series and attract new readers. If you would like to see the Deadly series continue, you can help! Give a friend an old, used book and get her hooked. Pitch the series to everyone, chat about it online in chat rooms and on reader websites. And of course, run out to buy those books when they go on sale!
Because I’m so excited, we will be doing our best to help relaunch the series, as well. We are going to build a Deadly website, and a Twitter page. More on that in the months to come!

You can find out more info on her website . 

So lets help out and get the buzz going….


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