Arresting Desire in the Hot In Handcuffs Anthology By Shayla Black

Title: ARRESTING DESIRE In the Hot In Handcuffs anthology book

Series:Capers series Bk 3 Anthology

Author: Shayla Black

Genre: Contemporary Romance

FBI Agent Jon Bocelli never stopped wanting beautiful professor Lucia DiStefano. She’s interested in taking her first lover, and he intends to be that man. When her past puts her life in danger, Jon risks everything to save her and prove this fling is forever.


I’m a huge fan of this series so I couldn’t wait to read Lucia and Jon’s story. We got a little taste of them in Book 2, Strip Search, where Nicki Luca’s sister is the heroine.  I was couldn’t wait for Jon’s book he was such a mysterious character.

Lucia’s had a crush on Jon for a couple of years but he left her and town when his undercover Mob gig was up. Jon’s secret is he’s got it bad for her too but held himself in check for a number of reasons.  He’s several years old than her, rough around the edges, working undercover posing as her Mob boss uncle’s hired man, he knew she was a virgin and didn’t feel worthy of her, she’s still finishing school and had some growing up to do.  Fast forward 2 years to Lucia’s 25th birthday party at her sister’s male strip club, and Jon is back in Vegas needing some answers from Lucia that may help get his brother exonerated of charges that he murdered a judge.  One look at each other and they are done for, but Lucia is self-conscious of her body since she’s not stick thin and wonders why he’d want her anyway.  Jon goes to the extreme to make his point that she is exactly what he wants by hauling her over his shoulder and carrying her out of the birthday party caveman style kicking and screaming with high-fives and thumbs up from her family and friends.  I loved this scene.  It was fun, hot, sexy as hell and shows how Ms. Black is an expert at writing Hot Alpha men who curl our toes.  This is a satisfying, fast-moving novella with mystery, great characters, emotion, and first-time long-awaited sex that burns up the sheets.  Shayla Black owns this sex scene.  So. Damn. Hot.  Jon is perfect for her first time, gentle and sweet, yet a bit demanding.  You can feel how much he’s holding back because it is her first time. The story wrapped up nicely. What a great series. I’m always greedy when it comes to Shayla Black’s writing, I can never get enough.

Grade A+


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