Ascension by Sable Grace

Title: Ascension

Series: Dark Breed bk 1

Author: Sable Grace

Genre: Paranormal

The gates of hell have opened, and one woman will stand in the crossfire as the Dark Breed — vampyre, demons, shape shifters — and mankind fight their last battle for survival.

Kyana is half Vampyre, half Lychen… And the last of her kind. Determined, dangerous, and damned, she has no love for the mortals who have imprisoned and misused her. But when the Order of Ancients entrusts her with a mission — to find the key that will send the Dark Breed back into Hell for eternity — Kyana has no choice but to accept.

She is furious to learn her assignment comes with an escort… Ryker, a demigod and fierce warrior who long ago found a way under her skin and stayed there. In a shaky alliance, they discover an ancient cult with dangerous motive and a god who seeks to destroy all others. And as Kyana begins to feel the heat that threatens to bind her to Ryker, she knows she has to resist. For it could only mean the undoing of them both…

This is such an outstanding beginning to a series! I can’t wait for the next one! Kyana is an ass-kicker and I love it.  I LOVE strong ass-kicking females.  Chicks that wear leather, beat people or things to shit and would be pissed at me for calling them “chick” are so much fun to read about.  So, Kyana is right up there with Kat from Jeaneine Frost’s books and Eve Dallas from the In Death series by JD Robb, aka Nora Roberts.  Which means it is utterly fascinating to read about Ryker getting under her skin. Kyana is asked to find the key to Tatarus because the lock was opened and it literally became hell on earth and her unique combination of Vampyre and Lychen blood makes her perfectly suited to track anything down.  Unfortunately she has to work with Ryker, Ares son, and the one person to reject her sexual advances 10 years ago.  She hates how he makes her feel hurt and achy at the same time.  It’s torture pure an simple.  Then bad things start to happen and her friends start getting hurt and to save her best friend Haven’s life, Kyana turns her into a vampire and commits one of the worst crimes in her world.  Kyana has to face trial to see if he sin will be forgiven and if she’ll be given the chance to find and save her friend again, this time from herself.

Grade A+


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  1. aurian

    Great review, another series I have yet to start reading.


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