Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening
Alyssa Day
Rating 3.5

Ven has served as leader of the Seven, the elite guard sworn to serve the high prince of Atlantis, for more than four hundred years. But Prince Conlan – Ven’s older brother – wants Ven to act as general to the ragtag group of human rebels who have been battling the vampires and shape-shifters on their own. Ven reluctantly agreed, but nobody ever warned him that the rebel was beautiful . . . and a witch.

Review: This was an okay book for me. When I picked it up it was the only one by this author in the store (of course), unbeknown to me this is actually book 3 in a series. I am thinking that if I was to go back and read the other books it might be a better book. With that in mind I have added the other books to me tbr pile. Hopefully they will bring better results.


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