Authors Against Bullying & You are Beautiful

Today all across the romance genre authors are taking a stand against bullying. Here at TBRG we are joining in that stance.


Bullying is something that I feel very strongly about. Not because I was bullied or because I was a bully but because my son was bullied.

When my gorgeous sensitive son was in the 2nd grade I went to his classroom for his holiday party. Because there was a shortage of chairs my son had me sit in his chair. There was a new girl in the class (most of the kids had been together since kindergarten) she rather rudely asked him whose that white woman? When he said my mom she told him no I wasn’t because he is black and I am white. The teacher overheard and then had a lesson on adoption and how every family is different. This however didn’t stop this little girl ( a fact we didn’t discover till years later in therapy witht this same child). Every chance she got she told him he wasn’t with his real family and that we couldn’t and didn’t love him because I’m white (DH is Hispanic and M2 is a mutt of ancestry but has brown skin). This caused him so much hurt and grief he acted out violently towards me. It took us years and three years of therapy to undue the damage this little girl did. This is me and M1 during the time he was being bullied.

I saw this on FB as well. The leader of the LDS church in a message to all the Young Men and Men said That every woman deserves and needs to be told she is beautiful. A group of young men took this to heart and made a video to be presented to the young women of their church. I love the message this video gives.

Bullying is something I feel very strongly about as well. Going through school My older brother was bullied because he was different. Tall and skinny poor guy couldn’t gain weight to save his life. I find that there are many people willing to judge people because there different. All through school I worked to try to explain to people that all people are different. Different shapes, sizes, different skin color even different disabilities. ~Helen



Please stop by these other sites today and share your bullying story.
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Jaye Wells              Kate Angell                     Melissa Cutler
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Kaz Mahoney         Cynthia D’Alba                Jesse L. Cairns
TJ Michaels            Jess Haines                   Phoebe Conn
Jessa Slade           Kate Davies                    Lynne Silver
Taryn Blackthorne  Margaret Daley              Alyssa Day
Aaron Dries            Lisa Whitefern                Rhyannon Byrd
Carly Phillips          Leslie Kelly                     Janelle Denison
Graylin Fox             Lee McKenzie                  Barbara Winkes
Harmony Evans    Mary Eason                      Ann Aguirre
Lucy Monroe          Nikki Duncan                   Kerry Schafer
Ruth Frances Long                                         Julie Chicklitasaurus


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  1. Gail D

    My daughter was bullied at school years ago. Her best friend was also bullied. This was 20 some years ago. No child should ever have to go thru that. We were lucky with the school.
    Today she is a wonderful 30 yr old woman. She also works with young girls to help them.


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