Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Title: Back Stage Pass

Series: Sinners on Tour

Author: Olivia Cunning

Genre: Erotic Contemporary

Human Sexuality Professor, Myrna Evans, wants nothing but a weekend of hot, no-strings-attached sex with Sinners’ sensual lead guitarist, but Brian Sinclair is looking for something more permanent than a one-night stand.  Unable to compose music for months, when Brian makes love to uninhibited Myrna, he hears exquisite guitar riffs and finger-burning solos.  In Myrna, he’s found his muse.

When this book came out I had serious mixed feelings about whether or not I wanted to read it. A large part of that was because of the reviews that I was reading at the time. Fast forward a couple of months and being someone that can’t pass up a good deal on books when it was for free on Amazon I of course got it. And then I forgot about it.

This week however I was in the mood for something different and so I decided to read it. I have to say that in the beginning I wasn’t thrilled with the book. In fact I would read a chapter and then get irritated and put it down for something else, but then I would go back to it. However somewhere between chapters 5 and 6 however I began to fall in love with the members of the band..there was just something about them that pulled at me.

While I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Myrna for most of the book there is one scene towards the end of the book with Brian’s dad where I went okay I like you with Brian.

Brian however stole the book for me. I think because he reminds me a bit of one of my favorite cousins. From the moment that he showed up on the pages of the book he had me hooked. I wanted to know more about him, why he was the way he was. My heart ached for him because of his feelings for Myrna and that because of her insecurities and past experiences he had to keep them to himself.

I do have to say that most of my favorite parts of the book were when the whole band was together. I wanted to know more about them, who they were and why they were.

I will warn you that there is a lot of sex in this book.

I do have to be honest and say that unless I had gotten the book for free I probably wouldn’t have read it, and while I want to read the next book in the series I can wait until the price is a bit cheaper for the e-book.

Grade B-

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  1. aurian

    So, you read an erotic romance, and the parts you liked best, where the ones without the sex 🙂 lol

  2. Diane

    I enjoyed reading this and the other book in the series but like you I was given the books and probably would not have picked them up otherwise!

  3. Janon

    I had to look it up, but I did download this book back in April. Now I might move it up on my list. Good review.


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