Barreled Over by Jenna Sutton

Title: Barreled Over

Series: Trinity Distillery Book #1

Stand Alone Title: yes
Author: Jenna Sutton

Genre: Romance

Blurb: Ready for another round?

Ava Grace Landy’s music career is humming along until a shakeup at her label jeopardizes her recording contract and curses her with the world’s worst boss. Determined to satisfy him, she partners with Trinity Distillery to access a larger male audience. To her surprise, she’s the one who’s satisfied—by none other than Jonah Beck, the gorgeous, yet gruff man behind the bourbon.

No doubt about it, bourbon runs in Beck’s blood. But it’s audacious Ava Grace who makes it run hot. When she signs on as the spokesperson for his craft distillery, he doesn’t plan on hoisting her onto an oak barrel and rocking the rickhouse. Though he’s convinced their lives don’t mix—like a terrible cocktail—he can’t keep his hands off the alluring country star.

Ava Grace and Beck try to keep their intoxicating relationship private, but the glare of her fame is too bright, revealing secrets they both want to remain hidden. With a spotlight shining on his tumultuous past, their future is at risk. Now they must decide if being together is worth sacrificing the career she loves and the company he’s poured his heart and soul into.

Thoughts: What originally had me picking up this book, was the fact that it was about a brewery/distillery.  My first thought was of a series I ran across a while back – Sweet Salvation Brewery Series by Avery Flynn – which I really enjoyed.  That series has stuck out in my mind, and was the sole reason I took a shot on this one.  Jenna Sutton was a new author for me, but I have to say she held her own with this one.  Ava Grace Landy is a big star after winning a televised singing competition, and poor Beck is doing everything he can to avoid the spotlight – and for good reason.  The thing is, the sparks simply fly between these two and make for a romance that has been perfectly brewed.  At times, Ava’s character was a little flat, but overall just a great, sweet romance that you just don’t want to miss!

Rating: B+


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