Bear To Have & To Hold by Amy Lamont

Title: Bear to Have and Hold

Series: Kodiak Den #5  (Alaskan Den Men)

Author: Amy Lamont

Genre: Paranormal Romance

BLURB:  Wedding planner Kayla Mackenzie specializes in creating spectacular destination weddings in exotic locations. But when her newest clients decide they want to get married in the wilds of Alaska, anxiety rears its ugly head. Sticking to cosmopolitan cities and tropical beaches allows her to avoid the one creature that scares her more than the words “prenuptial agreement.” But heading to the heart of werebear country means she’ll have to face her biggest fear.

Outdoor adventure guide Trent Black gets grouchier each day that goes by without finding his mate. But the last woman he expects to ignite his possessive instincts is a high maintenance human like Kayla. It’s bad enough she hates everything to do with the outdoors, but her obvious fear of bear shifters leaves him questioning his attraction. When fate steps in and strands them in a late winter blizzard, he has one chance to help her to overcome her fear and open her heart.

Thoughts:  Kayla is a sweet, but high maintenance chick who heads to Alaska to plan a wedding for her friend’s sister.  She immediately catches Trent’s eye, and she winds up being his mate – unfortunately, however, she has major issues with werebears.  I loved the premise of the book, and I even liked the authors writing style.  My main complaint is really the length of the book and what that does to the whole story – for me, the book started off great and had a good flow to it.  I became invested in the characters and the story.  When it came to the climax of the story though it was like ‘wham!’, secrets are revealed, the end.  The readers get a what seems like a lot of build up and then before you know it the book ends!  I really wanted a longer book here.  I was also left with lingering questions – for example, why is no one surprised about shifters?  Why are werebears just accepted into society?  This book is supposed to be stand alone, and if that’s the case I need some more information!  Since this is not book one in the series, I am assuming that I’ve missed something from previous books.  The book sits solidly at about a C for me.

Grade: C


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