Bet On It by Cheryl Adnams

cover46141-mediumTitle:  Bet On It

Series:  N/A

Author:  Cheryl Adnams

Genre:  Romance

BlurbA sizzling rural romance set in the McLaren Vale, with a girl who’s ready for a change and the three brothers who are determined to win her over.Gabrielle didn’t believe men like this existed in real life – the three Muller brothers are ridiculously good-looking, and they’re officially her new bosses. She’s in need of a change of scenery, and the Muller’s winery might just be the right place.Seth Muller isn’t sure it’s a good idea to bet on who can seduce Gabby first, but the new girl working at the winery is too gorgeous to give up to his brothers without a fight. But what happens if he starts to fall for her? Will he lose everything if she finds out what he’s done?

Thoughts:  This story for me was very reminiscent of the old classic Harlequin romance titles.  This one is set in Australia, and features just a very nice, sweet girl Gabrielle as the main character.  While all the Muller men are fascinated with her, and are each a bit of a playboy, they end up making a bit of a mischievous bet regarding who can get her in bed first.  Of course, from the very first, Gabby is more attracted to one of them than all the rest.  Very romantic, very happily-ever-after, very sugary sweet!   Great if you love those classic romances.

Rate:  B


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