The Blessing
Jude Deveraux

Rating 3

Wealthy corporate genius Jason Wilding reluctantly takes a break from his high-powered world to visit his hometown of Abernathy, Kentucky. As a favor to his physician brother David, he finds himself spending one week as a live-in baby-sitter in the ramshackle home of Amy Thompkins, who has captured David’s heart. Courting the whimsical, artistic Amy has been difficult with her adorable but demanding baby, Max, in tow, and Jason’s help is just what David needs.

But stepping into Amy’s patched-together world has the most remarkable effect — on Jason….Amy’s joy for life, her love for her son, and her sparkling humor are irresistible — and tiny Max adores Jason beyond reason. Soon, the enigmatic CEO is thawing. And his newfound smile reminds Amy of a Mount Rushmore monument finally cracking up — in the best possible way.

REVIEW: After I got into this book I realized that I had read it years ago. I also remembered that this was just an okay book for me then and it still is toady. I really don’t have much more to say about it because it was only an okay book for me. AAR Top 100 Book


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  1. aunt rowena

    I agree with you – I didn’t find The Blessing all that great. The good news is, it is not an AAR Top 100 – the only Jude Deveraux in the list is A Knight In Shining Armor, which I also felt was a 3 star read.

    If you haven’t read Wild Orchids by this author, you might give it a try – I really liked it!


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