BLOG TOUR: Sinful Rewards by Cynthia Sax + Giveaway


Book:  Sinful Rewards

Publication date: July 15th 2014

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SRCoverBlurb:  Belinda “Bee” Carter is a good girl; at least, that’s what she tells herself. And a good girl deserves a nice guy—just like the gorgeous and moody billionaire Nicolas Rainer. He is everything she wants in a man.  Or so she thinks, until she takes a look through her telescope and sees a naked, tattooed man on the balcony across the courtyard. Hawke is mysterious, the bad boy she knows will bring only heartbreak. He has been watching her, and that makes him all the more enticing.  But when a mysterious and anonymous text message dares her to do something bad, she must decide if she is really the good girl she has always claimed to be, or if she’s willing to risk everything for her secret fantasy of being watched.

Is her mystery man the reclusive billionaire with a wild side or the darkly dangerous bad boy?

Excerpt:  I allow my gaze to travel up the stranger’s body, over his thighs, groin, stomach, chest. A thick scar slashes through his right nipple and four letters are tattooed over his left pec – USMC – United States Marine Corps. He’s a military man, trained to protect, to kill. This should dampen my unseemly fascination with him.

I want him even more.

A larger tattoo stretches over his collarbone, the design depicting a sun framed by a pair of wings, the ink black and gray and achingly beautiful. The feathers are finely detailed, the softness appearing out of place on such a hard body.

The stranger’s spine is straight, his shoulders squared and his arms raised. A third tattoo encircles one huge bicep, the barbed wire in black ink serving as a warning. Danger. Do not enter. A wise woman would heed this sign.

I should heed this sign. I should look away. I can’t, my gaze drawn to him. The man’s chin is square, brown stubble shadowing his golden skin. His nose is flattened, his nostrils are flared, his—

I step backward, my heart pounding. No, my luck can’t be that bad. I look into the telescope once more. It is that bad. Military-style binoculars cover the man’s eyes. These lenses are pointed directly at me.

He’s watching me. I move away from the window, retreating into the shadows. He saw me looking at him. He knows. Heat rushes over me, making the world spin. This stranger knows I’m a pervert. He knows I’m not the good girl I’ve allowed others to believe. If he tells Cyndi, Mr. Wynters, anyone…

I hold my breath, count to five, and release it, repeating the action until the fog surrounding me dissipates and my rational thought returns. He won’t tell anyone and if he does, who will believe him? He’s standing on his balcony naked. This fact alone disqualifies him as a credible source.

Not that gossip ever originates from credible sources. I twist my lips, disgusted with myself for making this error. This is why I shouldn’t take risks. I take one look through the telescope and I get caught. My mom has one wild night with a bad boy and she conceives me.

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  1. kp59

    thanks for the giveaway!

  2. bn100

    Nice excerpt

  3. Cynthia Sax

    Thank you So much for hosting me today!
    (big hugs)

  4. marcyshuler

    I’m looking forward to reading this. I believe I won an e-copy of this first installment from the author through a FB party a while ago. Hopefully I’ll get it before I forget and buy another copy. LOL

    1. Cynthia Sax

      I didn’t forget about you, Marcy!
      I sent it but you know B&N. They’ll deliver it when they believe we’re worthy.
      My other B&N readers are still waiting also.

  5. Barrie Mac (@BooksForMe2)

    Wow…I would SO be looking out my window at this guy…I’d be using binoculars to get CLOSEUPS…LOL!

  6. Patoct

    Thank you for the giveaway, nice gc plus a bunch of books.


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