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91SAiAePLJL._SL1500_Title:  Spicy  (Bad Boy Rockers Book #2)

Blurb:  Because of screwing up with Callie, during the summer, I’m drowning my sorrows with drink and women…or that’s what I’m trying to do, but it isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes all I see is Callie, her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles and breasts that make my mouth water. She’s become my weakness and I have no idea how to make amends for my past sin…It’s been weeks since Reece left me without a backwards glance, and I’m an idiot because I’m finding it difficult to move on and forget him. It doesn’t help that my best friend, Thalia, is engaged to his best friend, Phoenix. But tonight I intend to change all that and maybe do a little flirting with another guy and see where it leads…and who knows, it might even make the pain in my ass realize what he’s missing… 

Excerpt:  “Talk later,” I pant as the tension builds in my body. “Make me come…so close.”

His eyes lose the laughter and fill with lust again.

He lifts my t-shirt off over my head and looks at my breasts. I’ve always been, um, well endowed, and I’m lucky enough to have high, firm, perky breasts.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Reece croaks out, licking his lips.

“I want your mouth on them.”

His eyes burn into me before his mouth descends, sucking one nipple into his mouth. I hold onto his head as he laps at each one in turn. I arch my back in pleasure and try to rub my pussy against his dick, but he’s out of reach because of where his mouth is.

Coming back to my mouth, he plunders with his tongue the way I remember him doing between my thighs. Now our bodies are more aligned, I can feel him against me.

While he continues tongue fucking my mouth, I wriggle out of my panties, kicking them out of the way. With a bit of maneuvering I move my legs and manage to get him between them instead of straddling. Reaching out, I push his shorts down over his erection and stroke the silky smooth length.

“No.” He moves my hand and holds it above my head, but the root of him gets wedged up against my pussy, driving me insane with lust.

Reece breaks away from the kiss and looms above me, trying to catch his breath. “You’re so fucking wet. Shit.” He drops his head into the crook of my neck and pumps his hips against me. Rubbing the length of his cock between my soaked pussy lips.

I grind against him, chasing my orgasm, which starts to take a hold of me with the tightening of my stomach muscles. Reece kisses his way down to my breasts, and takes my nipple back into his mouth and with one suck, I’m flooding his balls with my release – I can’t breathe – I can’t stop writhing against him.

“Ah…fuck.” Reece rears up from my chest. I look down and watch his cock twitch with his release, all over my stomach and breasts. “Callie.”

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