Bonds of Jstice

Bonds of Justice
Psy/Changeling bk 9

Nalini Singh

Max Shannon is a good cop, one of the best in New York Enforcement. Born with a natural shield that protects him against Psy mental invasions, he knows he has little chance of advancement within the Psy-dominated power structure. The last case he expects to be assigned is that of a murderer targeting a Psy Councilor’s closest advisors. And the last woman he expects to compel him in the most sensual of ways is a Psy on the verge of a catastrophic mental fracture…

Sophia Russo is a Justice-Psy, cursed with the ability to retrieve memories from men and women so twisted even veteran cops keep their distance. Appointed as Max’s liaison with the Psy, she finds herself fascinated by this human, her frozen heart threatening to thaw with forbidden emotion. But, her mind filled with other people’s nightmares, other people’s evil, she’s standing on the border between sanity and a silken darkness that urges her to take justice into her own hands, to become judge, jury…and executioner…

This is one series that gets better and better with each book and little bit more is revealed about this amazing world with each book. From the first page to the last page you are unable to put it down, as you become more caught up with the story of Max and Sophia.
Max is a character that we have seen in previous books and this is his story. What an amazing story it is. Sophia is a new character and she is a Psy so we get more insight into the psy race. We are also introduced to a new set of talents within the psy race the J designation, of which Sophia is one.
This book is almost all about the psy race and very much leaves you wanting more of them. It raises more questions than answers especially about certain characters. As things are revealed and hints given all you want is for the next book to come and not have to wait.
I give this book a solid 5 out of 5

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