Born of Shadows

Born of Shadows

League bk 4

Sherilynn Kenyon


Okay I admit I read this book only because it is a Sherilynn book and she is one of my favorite authors. I am not a huge fan of this genre of books but I really enjoyed this book and all the twists and turns that there are in it.

In a world where the League and its assassins rule, where betrayal and treachery are everywhere . . . the only survivors are those ones who are . . .


For Caillen Dagan, a defiant soldier of fortune, survival isn’t a right, it’s a brutal daily battle. Moving through the Ichidaian universe like a wraith, his brushes with the law and death are legendary. But when an act of rare heroism reveals his hidden birthright, he’s forced into a world much more dangerous and cold-hearted than the bloody streets where he was raised-one of obscene wealth and lethal politics.

Ferocious and determined, Desideria serves as an official bodyguard for her queen. Born of questionable genetics, she will do anything to prove herself worthy of the weapons she carries and the position she’s won by combat. But when she uncovers a ruthless plot to assassinate the queen and overthrow her country’s government, Desideria is caught in the crosshairs.

With assassination contracts out on both of them, Caillen and Desideria must learn to fight together or die alone. And if they fail, their governments will fall into the hands of an unimaginable evil.

I read the first book in this series and liked it, and even got the next two books in the series. But I never read them. I leant them to my sister Kim and her best friend Mary and they both raved about this series and told me that I needed to finish reading it. When I saw that there was a new book in this series I went what the heck and got it. I have to say that I am really glad that I did and that I think when I get a spare chance I will go back and read the whole series.

Caillen and Desideria are great characters that bring so much to the table. Both of them have to deal with fall out when their lives and what they thought they knew about themselves is changed. While they race to figure who wants them dead and why, and figure out how to deal with the truth about themselves (mostly Caillen) they do the unthinkable and fall for each other.

This book is definitely a page turner. I know that every time I was interrupted while reading it I wanted to growl at the person who interrupted me. I had to know what was going to happen.

If you are a fan of Sherilynn’s then this book will definitely not disappoint.

Grade B


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