Brave the Wild Wind by Johanna Lindsey

Brave the Wild Wind
Wyoming Series bk 1

As wild as the Wyoming frontier and a terror when spurned, Jessie Blair is furious when she over hears Chase Summers refusing her hand — and vows to seduce the handsome drifter out of spite.

Enraged by Jessie’s arrogance yet haunted by her beauty, Chase is irresistible drawn to the headstrong miss — and into her troubles with the land-hungry villains who murdered her father. For his pride insists he tame the fiery temptress who toys with his emotions. And his passion won’t be sated until the sensuous young hellion becomes a woman in his arms.

REVIEW: I haven’t read this book in I am going to guess at least 15 years. I do remember this was the book that took from reading Harlequin’s to reading romance novels. I do have to say that I immediatley fell in love with the genre. I mean I had already read all the Harlequins at our little library when I discovered this book, but lets face it, back then the Harlequins were very mild and this book well it wasn’t and isn’t.

I am very glad that I didn’t remember a whole lot of this story other than that I had liked it, as I was able to read it again and enjoy it. I have to say that I loved it just as much now as I did back when I read it for the first time as sophmore in high school back in the day.

The immediate chemistry between Chase and Jesse is great. I loved how neither of them wanted a commitment yet they didn’t want each other with anyone else. Throw into the mix a pissed of gambler, a long lost mother that shows up, and boy is Jesse mad when that happens. A knife stabbing, cattle rustlers and you have a great book.

For those that have read one of her newer books or only read her Mallory Series, you have got to read this book and the two that come after it, Savage Thunder and Angel (if I had a favorite book in this series it would be Angel).

I read this book as part of the Spring ’09 Reading Challenge….Read a Western.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.



  1. Blodeuedd

    I did always like Lindsey, but I haev read so few books by her so if this is as good as you say then I will keep a lookout đŸ™‚

  2. Alaine

    I haven’t read any of the Wyoming series but after reading your review I will!


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