Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez

91Zgal-kg9L._SL1500_Title:  Breaking the Storm

Series:  N/A

Author:  Sedona Venez

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

BlurbI wanted Knox. There was no need to deny that fact. Knox was the type of guy you gravitated to, who stood out in the crowd. It wasn’t just his classically good-looking features and perpetual five o’clock shadow. It was his raw energy that entranced me, that made me feel like a giggly, fumbling high school girl, happy to be in his presence.  Yes, there’s no denying it, front man Knox Gunner was a sexy badass.  It didn’t matter that he initially thought I was some bored, rich girl trying to live out some wild fantasy of being with a starving musician. It was uncomplicated and that’s what we both wanted. At least that’s what I convinced myself. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that my feelings for Knox were getting dangerously deep–waiting to lay siege on my heart. I was falling for him… and this was dangerous. The rules were clear: falling in love would obligate me to expose what I truly was, setting in motion his slow march to death.

Thoughts:  Okay, this is one of those titles that can go either way – there were aspects that I really loved, and aspects I really could have done without.  I really loved the shifter aspect of the story, as well as the storyline itself.  There were a few elements that just didn’t fit though.  First off, there was the BDSM element that was introduced into the story.  It just wasn’t necessary to the story and it didn’t seem to fit –  it didn’t seem to develop naturally enough within the story enough to make it plausible.  And the elements (trust, for example) required for a real dominant/submissive relationship were non-existent – at least in that point in their relationship. Following along the lines of that, was Knox’s attitude – which at times came across as degrading and disrespectful.  Another factor for me, was the transition of their relationship from just getting ‘closure’ to something more permanent – it was just assumed that something changed between them.

Now, on to the good points.  I really loved Stormy’s spunk and personality.  The best scenes for me was when she went out of her way to defy Knox’s expectations – for example, there is a scorching dance number and erotic buffet that I absolutely loved!  Those scenes alone were enough to have me reading this book!  But I also liked the development of the story.  And oddly enough, even though I felt like the BDSM didn’t fit with the story, at the same time, it was interesting to read a shifter story with a BDSM slant.

All, in all, this was an interesting read and one I am glad I picked up – regardless of the issues.  Can’t wait to read more from this author!

Rate:  B



  1. Patoct

    Happy New Year! Not my type of book tho’.

  2. gmapeony

    I like the five o’clock shadow thing going on but bdsm not for me. Sorry.

  3. marcyshuler

    Interesting book.


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