Call Me Irresistable

Call Me Irresistable
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Release Date 1/18/11

Lucy Jorik is the daughter of the former President of the United States.
Meg Koranda is the offspring of legends.
One of them is about to marry Mr. Irresistible—Ted Beaudine—the favorite son of Wynette, Texas.
The other is not happy about it. Not happy at all….

So like with tons of other books out there I seem to have missed reading the books where Ted, Lucy & Meg appear previously, but I think that might have been a good thing.  Even though I love to read books in some semblance of order occasionally I enjoy just picking up something in the middle, having no preconceived expectations, and just sit back and enjoy the book.  This happened to be one of those time.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationships between the characters grow and have to say I can hardly wait for Lucy’s story!

This book started out with the wedding of the century happening, that is until the brides bff shows up and realizes that the happy couple just aren’t right for each other and convinced the bride she deserves better, now she did this for no other purpose than to make sure her friend has a chance to find her true love and not settle because others think she should.  As you probably guessed Lucy and Ted were the original “happy” couple and Meg is the unwanted bff that shows up to ruin everything.  Not only is all of this chaos going on, as Lucy leaves town quickly, but now Ted, who is the golden boy and can do no wrong, is once again available leaving many women truly glad except perhaps Meg, who is the cause of everything that can go wrong and does, stuck in this town where everyone hates her penniless, homeless and lonely.

What happens to them all, well I’m going to let you find out for yourselves, and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

Grade A-


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