Can’t take my eyes off of you by Kasey Micheals

Can’t take by Eyes off of you

Kasey Michaels
Rating 5

East Wapaneken? Shelby Taite has never heard of it. Nor, she is certain, has the rest of Philadelphia’s Main Line society. Which is precisely why the teeny Pennsylvania town is so marvelously appealing. Nobody would ever think to look for Shelby here. Nobody but Quinn Delaney…

As a cop-turned-bodyguard, Quinn is the perfect candidate to track down the restless Miss Taite, who instead of walking down the aisle with her perfectly-bred, perfectly-dull groom, has apparently hopped a bus and gone off to see how the other half lives. Though he has little patience for the idle rich, Quinn can’t help admiring Shelby’s spirit…among other things.

Posing as a footloose writer, Quinn befriends the unsuspecting, slumming “Shelley Smith,” never letting her out of his sight. She’s having the time of her life, waitressing at Tony’s Family Restaurant and charming the whole darned town-including Quinn himself. But when a botched kidnap attempt on Shelby shocks them both right into each other’s arms, that’s when the real trouble-and fun-begins…

REVIEW: I love this book.. I read it years ago and it was just as good this time around also. This is a laugh out loud book. The antics of Shelby and her new friends, will keep you turning the pages. Lets not forget Quinn the P.I. that hates rich people, and yet can’t resist her. I think that this is book that needs to be on everyones bookshelf.


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