Author Interview: Carly Phillips + giveaway

When I was asked to interview Carly for her upcoming release I of course said yes. But then I got to thinking…we’ve done the author interview, and the character interview. What more can I ask her that I don’t already know. Then it came to me….a word association interview. So here we go our first ever word association. Here’s how this is going to work. We’ve given Carly one word, she has to answer with the first thing that comes to mind when she reads it.

TBRG: Drink:

CP: Diet Coke

TBRG: Snack

CP: Chocolate.  Preferably milk chocolate. Beyond that I’m flexible!

TBRG: Comfort food

CP: Pizza

TBRG: Favorite literary hero

CP: Literary? Ari from Exodus. Seriously. And I’m not a literary person.

TBRG: Favorite literary heroine

CP: Not sure I have one, LOL.

TBRG: Comfort read

CP: Recently reread LaVyrle Spencer’s Perfect Beds, which got me into writing Romance and it completely gave me the same ooh chills feeling … just wacky POV!


CP: Every season something new hooks me. Sorry! Not just one. J But to this day I miss ALIAS. Have posters all over the basement.

TBRG: Movie

CP: Whatever comedy or romantic comedy is in theaters at the time! Make me smile and laugh and I’m happy!

TBRG: Cole

CP: Alpha

TBRG: Erin

CP: Good Girl (that’s one word to me <g>)

TBRG: Thanks Carly for playing along. Is there anything you want to tell us about Perfect Fling?

CP: Perfect Fling tackles the subject of what happens to someone who is raised to believe he’s no good? How can he be convinced otherwise when that voice in his head overrules what his heroine sees? Cole Sanders has spent years under cover and barely knows who HE is.  He likes it that way, distant from everyone and not letting anyone close.  Until a one night stand with good girl Erin Marsden leaves them with the closest connection of all – a baby! Then Erin is threatened and Cole steps up to protect her forcing them to come to terms with each other.   And love.

Thank you! I love hanging out and answering your questions!

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perfect flingErin … The Good Girl
Assistant District Attorney, Erin Marsden, is Serendipity’s quintessential good girl. The only daughter of the ex-police chief, she has never made a misstep, content with her quiet, predictable life … or so she thinks. Until Cole Sanders returns to town with heated interest in his eyes and shadows in his past.

Cole … The Bad Boy
After seven years of deep undercover work in New York City, Cole returns to Serendipity to help his aging father and to find his moral compass once more. Not to get involved with wholesome Erin Marsden. Even as a rebellious teen, he knew a girl like Erin was off limits and that hasn’t changed. But neither one of them can resist their off-the-charts chemistry and a one night stand brings complications neither Erin nor Cole expected.

The Attraction … Off the Charts!
Then Erin’s current case plunges her into a killer’s crosshairs. With more at stake than anyone knows, Erin succumbs to Cole’s take-charge attitude. As a bodyguard, he’s the best. As a lover, he’s even better. But there’s more than the matter of Erin’s safety at stake. And Cole must forgive the sins of his past and prove to himself – and to Erin – that he’s capable of the love and the forever she – and their baby – desperately need.

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  1. Anita H.

    I love the people of Serendipity and their sense of community and how they take care of each other and the town.

  2. Rita Luken

    Love Carly, cute interview! Can I please move to Serendipity?

  3. Paige Smith

    I would love to live in a town like Serendipity!

  4. kp

    I love how we can keep checking in on favorite characters!!!

  5. SnarkyMom

    I love the Serendipity series because you really feel like they are “real” people!

  6. Melissa Crisp

    I haven’t read it yet so obviously I would want the first book.

  7. Yvonne

    Looking forward to this book. Carly never fails to entertain.

  8. maybe31

    I love the small town feel of this series!

  9. brittany hill

    I absolutely love this book because it is set in a small town and You realize that Erin brings out the best in Cole but also shows him how much of a wonderful guy he is!!

  10. Karin Anderson

    Carly, I knew I liked you for a reason! ALIAS!!! Jennifer Garner’s finest moment. Plus, we got a sneak peek at Bradley Cooper before his Hangover days. 😀

    I love this series because it has heart and a bit of suspense.

  11. CrystalGB

    I love this series because of the realistic characters and it’s small town setting.

  12. Nancy

    Thanks for this fun interview and giveaway.

  13. Nancy

    The characters

  14. Texas Book Lover

    I actually haven’t read this series yet but I love series like this so I am sure I would love this one too!

  15. thuy p.

    I love the small town feel of serendipity and all those alpha heroes 🙂

  16. Chris


  17. Lisa W

    I absolutely LOVED The Perfect Fling! I could not put it down – and my family thought I had lost it since I was useless to them – ignored them when they asked me questions!! Really I didn’t even hear them ask – I was elsewhere with Erin and Cole in Serendipity!!

  18. Deb

    I haven’t started this series…but it’s moving up on my tbr list.

  19. Cheryl

    The characters do it for me..interesting, real people who seem like fun folks to be around 🙂

  20. Jan C.

    I enjoyed the blog. I haven’t read this series yet, but it sounds like one I would love 🙂

  21. Ada

    I love everything about the series! Carly Phillips writes such great characters. I just love that we get to revisit all the time with each new book. I’m so looking forward to reading this!

  22. Pamiam

    I’m not entering the contest because I can’t wait. Heading out to the store now to buy it!

  23. TrishJ

    I love the humor that goes along with the romance. The heroines are people I would hang out with. And the heros are always the perfect fit. Sigh. I would move there in a heartbeat!

  24. Judy V

    The characters, storyline and the descriptions just draw the reader in and you feel like you are right there.

  25. Marcy

    I just love the realistic people int he the town of Serendipity and how they work through their flaws and beliefs to come to the truth!

  26. Sharlene Wegner

    I have all of the books already & Love them!

  27. Alison S

    I Love the serendipity series. I’m thinking it was one of the 1st romance novels i read! 🙂

  28. Barbara S

    enjoyed the blog and your stories:)

  29. karin

    Cute interview. Love Carly, Serendipity, and Alias! Lol


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