Cast In Angelfire by S.M.Reine

cover84636-mediumTitle:    Cast In Angelfire

Series:  Mage Craft Book #1

Author:  S.M. Reine

Genre:  Sci-Fi Fantasy, YA

Blurb:   Nineteen-year-old Marion can’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital. All she knows that a lot of people want to kill her. And her would-be assassins are not human…

Vampires are real. So are faeries and angels.

They all want Marion dead.

Surrounded by enemies, Marion turns to Lucas Flynn: a mysterious doctor who seems to know more than he’s letting on. He’s as good with a gun as he is with a scalpel. He fights like a demon but claims that he’s human. And he’s hellbent on protecting Marion.

Lucas claims that Marion is a mage: half-witch, half-angel with terrifying powers that could crack the world. But Marion can’t remember how to cast magic any more than she can remember where she comes from.

Marion must find her identity and her power…before the forgotten sins of her past catch up with her.

Thoughts:  For once, the maturity level of the characters in this YA isn’t what actually turned me off of the book.  While Marion is not without her flaws, it was so immature that I couldn’t read it.  I just couldn’t connect with the story and I just didn’t feel that this ‘world’ we are presented with could be real.  I want the author to get me so wrapped up in the book, the world, the characters all come to life for me and really have me connecting with it all.  I want the author to really make me feel like this totally made-up reality could be real.  That just didn’t happen for me with this one.  I like the author and have read her before, but this one just didn’t get there for me.

Rate:  C



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