Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane

Title: Chaos Burning

Series: Bound by Magick bk 2

Author: Lauren Dane

Genre: Paranormal

The life of Lark Jaansen, hunter in Clan Gennessee, has been shaped by violence and unrest and it defines her future. Well-trained and resilient, she’s met her militaristic match in Simon Leviathan, a warrior not of this world. Locked in mutual admiration, and a desire so hot it burns, Lark and Simon have something else in common: they love the dark, and as a shadow is cast over their world, they’re each coming into their own.

A mysterious war has been waged among the Others. As witches and humans turn against each other, as fae retreat in fear, and as vampires rise, Lark and Simon discover that an unseen force is behind it. A single, hungry entity older than recorded history has returned to gorge on the magick of his victims. He is the Magister, nothing less than the end of time. Finding him is Lark and Simon’s first hope. Surviving him is their last.

I’m a HUGE Lauren Dane fan so I know before I even start one of her books I’m going to love. She is one of those authors that I KNOW will always deliver a fabulous story with great characters and a story/plot that works very well.

In Chaos Burning she lives up to every expectation I have of her and this series.

I have to admit that when I was reading Heart of Darkness I found myself intrigued by Simon and everything about him. Who he was, why he was there, and who was going to be his heroine.

He was so much more than I could have hoped for.

Lark is one of those women you want to have as your friend because is fiercely loyal, will tell you when your wrong and that you look like crap, and she’s confident in who she is and her responsibility to her magick and those under her protection.

What makes these two work so well I think is that when they first meet there isn’t that instant attraction, and I want him/her. No their friends first and we get to see that friendship develop. When Simon realizes who she is and what she will be to him doesn’t go all shifter he-man on her. No he respects her and who she is and what her mission and reason for her being in Seattle.

Lark is in Seattle for more than to help out with what is going with all the witches and mages. But to see if she can forge a new life in Seattle. When she and Simon make that move from friends to more she doesn’t doubt him when he says she’s his mate. And she works with him instead of against him.

This is one of the things I love about Lauren’s books. While there is conflict that her characters have to overcome the relationship is usually not the conflict, as the couples know and understand that they are stronger with the each other.

I can honestly say that is one of those books that will be re-read multiple times.

Grade A+




  1. Rosie

    Thanks for the review. LD is a new author for me – I’ve only read one of her books, and I loved it.
    Is this ok as a standalone or do you recommend that the first book is read first?

  2. TBRG (Post author)

    I recommend reading Heart of Darkness first because it sets up why Lark is in Seattle.


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