Comfort Books

Why is it that when you are sick and don’t feel good all you want to read are your favorite books? I have had the flu for a week now and have a pile of great books on my nightstand to read (all are recommendations from other bloggers) and all I want to read are my favorite books by my favorite authors.

It must have something to do with not being able to concentrate and/or think. Plus when we are sick all we want is comfort.

These are my sick reads…Nora Roberts, hummm I guess that I only read Nora when I am sick.

So when you are sick and not feeling good who do you like to read?



  1. Cindy W

    I have never reread an entire book. I read favorite parts of my favorite books. A Kingdom of Dreams, Bloodfever, The Raven Prince, Laird of the Mist, Honor’s Splendour, The Prize.

    Wish I owned to do that, Dance w/ the Devil, Duke of Shadows.

  2. Heather's Books

    Well maybe for Christmas you will get Dance with the Devil…maybe you should drop a HUGE hint to Kevin.

  3. Shiroibara

    I rarely get sick (unless I’m pregnant), and even then I’m usually more interested in sleeping than reading so I don’t think I have any “comfort books.”

  4. aunt rowena

    GET WELL HEATHER! The flu sucks.

    Last month I re-read True Confessions by Rachel Gibson because I was so icked out/frightened by NR’s Divine Evil!! I had to have something funny to take my mind off the evil things. I have re-read Elizabeth Lowell’s Too Hot To Handle a few times – hmm, not for comfort or because I was sick. It’s a guilty pleasure. I do a fair amount of re-reading when nothing on Mount TBR appeals to me.

  5. Heather's Books

    Thanks Melinda, glad to know that I am not the only that had a hard time with that book…I only liked a couple of Rachel Gibson’s books so far…

  6. Heather

    I have only intentionally reread a few books, even if I loved them. Sometimes I wonder why I keep my books or go out and replace them with the hard cover version. When I am sick, which is not very often, I can’t say that I even attempt to read. All I want to do is sleep. I did reread Castles by Julie Garwood last month, I forgot how much I loved that book the first time around.


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