Crazy for Love

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl

Chloe Turner thought she was going to marry the perfect man-until her fiance’s plane crashed. And then she got the really bad news: he’d tried to fake his own death to avoid marrying her. Now America’s most famous bridezilla (a tag she most definitely does not deserve), Chloe escapes to a remote island to avoid the paparazzi. And right next door is a man who just might be the cure
for Chloe’s heartache….

A magnet for wild, complicated women, Max Sullivan is relieved to have finally found someone “normal.” Chloe is his girl-next-door fantasy come to life, and best of all, she gets him. With her, he can be himself, a treasure-hunting millionaire who desperately wants out of his sexy but reckless job. But when Chloe’s notoriety catches up with them, will their torrid romance make it to the mainland?

Can you even imagine – thinking that everything is great you are engaged planning a dream wedding and life is good, until your fiancé decides to stage his own death – I guess that is a wake up call. And than your world falls apart, you are branded a Bridezilla by the press and not left alone. I would want to escape also and thankfully her bff Jenn is there to make sure she does, only Jenn is an emotional wreck also.

Than you have Max and his brother Elliott – um can you say HOT! Only problem is Max is kind of a control freak but only because he cares so much, and Elliott is afraid to have a relationship with anyone.

Sounds like a match made in heaven right. Chloe catches on to Max’s little manipulations of everything and is nice enough to find the humor in it and willing to help him deal with his control issues. I really enjoyed this part of the story, probably because I have my own little control ocd issues. And the side story of Jenn and Elliott was good also.

You think everything will work out until Chloe is discovered on the island and needs to return home only to face a whole bunch of different issues and Max does not know if he can leave his problems behind.

Will love win out in the end? Will Max ever get his act together and be willing to take a chance on change? Will Jenn and Elliott ever be truthful with each other?

If you want to know than you should definitely pick this book up – it’s a keeper.

Rating 4 of 5


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