Cursed By Destiny by Cecy Robson

91kxIy+z7cL._SL1500_Title:  Cursed by Destiny

Series:  The Weird Girls Book #3

Author:  Cecy Robson

Genre:  Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy

BlurbCelia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they’re products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, weird…Celia’s a girl in trouble.  Her heart is bound to Aric, but he is a purebloodwere who must deny her or risk condemning his species to extinction.  And that’s just her love life. She’s also been called to take down a group of demon terrorists looking to overthrow the paranormal world. (No pressure.)  In order to bring them down, Celia must ally herself to Misha, the master vampire who has made no secret of his desire for her.  And if that weren’t enough misfortune for one girl, a clairvoyant’s prediction could destroy Celia and Aric’s love for good. The only way to protect the world from unbridled supernatural terrorism is for Celia to bind herself to her destined mate. And that doesn’t appear to be Aric…

Thoughts:  This is my first time reading one of the Weird girl novels, and also my first time reading a book by this author.  Paranormal is my absolute favorite genre, so this book seemed right up my alley.  Especially when there is some sort of love triangle going on – although i have to say that I usually wind up going for the underdog (for example, Gale instead of Peeta in the Hunger Games, and Jacob in the Twighlight series)  The same could be said of this one….I found myself rooting for Misha rather than Aric.  And I loved the premise of the book and the authors writing style.  I did find myself wishing I had read prior books in the series though.  You can read it without doing so and not be too lost, but there were references to previous events that made me wish I knew more details!

However, there were a few odd things about it that.  Celia’s main adversary is the Tribe, and in the book she runs across a few TribeMasters – and while they are powerful beings, they are a bit…odd (for instance, one of them looked like a huge maggot).  Which went a little far, even for me.  Also, the description of vampire’s body parts littering the ground during some of the battles also seems a little strange.  It just seemed a little over the top for me, but I feel the need to say that it won’t keep me from reading more of her books in the future.  It’s just something you might have to grow accustomed to.  And – as seems par for the course nowadays – it also ends on a major cliffhanger.

Hmmm – and the last thing I want to say about it?  Go Team Misha!…LOL

Rate:  B


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