Dangerous by R.G. Alexander

dangerousTitle:  Dangerous

(Plus Bonus Free Read – A Curious Proposal )

Series:  The Finn Factor book 3

Author: R.G. Alexander


Do you like it Dangerous?

Brady Finn has been a cop and a Marine, but he’s never been in a situation as dangerous as this one. Waking up naked in the bed of a man he’s wanted for months—with no memory of how he got there—was only the beginning.

Rope Dom Ken Tanaka knows kink isn’t Brady’s scene, but he still can’t resist the tall, redheaded Boy Scout. When their search for a missing person requires Brady to go above and beyond the call of duty, they’ll both do what needs to be done for the mission—and give in to the undeniable passion between them.

Will their explosive chemistry last once the job is over? Or will taking that chance be more dangerous than either man is willing to risk?

Warning: Explicit male/male sexy times. Voyeurism with a touch of noncon, role playing, rope. And, once again, very serious about the graphic gay sex. I’m not sure why you don’t believe me… Also? An Evil League of Evil! Good kink vs scary villain kink (you’ve been warned), Finn Club rules and the aftereffects of The Great Rumming of 2015. I SAID RUMMING. Dirty minds.


My Thoughts:

I think one of the things I love most about the cast of players and story lines in this series (current and potential) is how incredibly unique and yet real it all is! This feels like a real family and set of friends that I could meet out and have a drink or two with. The best friends who find they’re HEA… the unlikely friends with benefits who turn into forever… every time I finish a book in The Finn Factor series, I WANT MORE!

We saw Ken and Brady in book 2, Scandalous, and from their brief encounters we knew that their story was going to be smokin’ hot. And oh boy – I was not disappointed!

Brady is at loose ends, suffering from PTSD and is having a hard time finding his place in his family and life now that he’s no longer a Marine. “It was strange, but that was always how he’d seen himself – as pieces of other people. A Finn. One of Sol’s boys. A Marine. But now he was trying to see himself without them. To see himself through another man’s eyes.” Ken is a successful hacker with excellent connections but he’s a loner and not sure how to depend on anyone since he’s only ever had himself. “…Tanaka was good at everything because he has to be. When you don’t know what it’s like to have family to rely on and people you trust, you’re all you’ve got.”

I loved that there was a hint of intrigue and suspense in the story to. With the threads that were left hanging we know that this is not the end of the Evil League of Evil (referenced by RG in the synopsis) – makes the imagination run wild as to what R.G. Alexander might have in store for us next!

Such a fantastic HEA ending for Ken and Brady! Brady put his big boy pants on and lived up to his declaration “You’re a Finn. We go all in or not at all.”

And the bonus book… Sigh… Owen and Jeremy… Those boys are the start of this obsession for me and it’s so great to see them and where they are in their relationship . And the ending… the gathering and spectacle was the perfect showcase for these two guys and their love for each other!



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