Dangerous Games by Sidney Bristol

DG SBTitle: Dangerous Games

Series: Aegis Group book 3

Author: Sidney Bristol


Ex-Navy SEAL Zain Lloyd is good with his hands and even better with his head. As the chief intelligence officer for the private security firm, Aegis Group, it’s his job to tackle problems before they costs his friend’s their lives. Which is why R&R time away from the high-stress environment is always a top priority, and a week at ComicCon is just what this closet-geek wants most, until a fateful elevator ride with the woman of his internet fantasies.

Andrea Clark can’t trust anyone, least of all the mysteriously sexy man she meets outside of her trashed hotel room. But Zain might be her only hope of making it through the convention and home alive. He’s her very own superhero, made of all the stuff to make her fall fast and hard. With no safety net in place, she can only pray that Zain will catch her when she falls.

A web of lies and deceit ensnare two lovers. Zain must use more than his brain and quick fingers to put a stop to the doxxing and death threats before a killer emerges from the ranks of Andrea’s friends.

Warning: The geeks do it better.



This story features 2 extremely intelligent and proficient people – when it comes to their work worlds… but the insecurities and doubts that they have about themselves personally have held them back in their personal lives and lead them to question their decisions and choices.

What I loved the most about this couple (besides the chemistry and the intrigue and Sidney Bristol’s ability to weave a story…) was the way these 2 filled the other half for each other. Where Andrea doubted and pulled away to save herself the hurt, Zain grabbed ahold of her and demanded her honesty as well as her fear so that he could “Captain America” the situation and fix her world for her. In turn, Andrea made Zain feel again and live for something besides his work. She made him a whole person again with wants and needs of his own and their love opens another world of happiness that I don’t think either thought they would have.

As for the intrigue part of Dangerous games I was once again turning the pages faster and faster… I had to see who Kevin was taking orders from and was our kidnapped victim going to be saved in time!! And poor Crystal… I wonder if she’ll get a HEA at some point??

Thank you SB for hours of entertainment and writing stories that keep me coming back for more!


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