Deadly Obsessions (Kensington-Gerard Detective series Book 3) by K.T. Roberts

DeadlyObessionsTitle: Deadly Obsessions

Series: Kensington-Gerard Detective series Book 3

Author: K.T. Roberts

Genre: Romantic Suspense



Three bodies and counting . . . a manifesto with a long list of names . . . an abducted child, and the killer is using a familiar MO that was the trademark of a serial killer still at large. Is it possible this so-called copycat spurred the Red Reaper into a jealous rage and he’s doing what he does best . . . killing? Or is this someone who’s having too much fun impersonating him and killing everyone on his list?

When two unrelated killings take place, it sends the detectives into a tailspin . . . and now it’s a race against the clock before he kills the next person on his list . . . Detective Jesse Kensington!

Thoughts: In this fast paced story Kensington and Gerard have gone back to being homicide detectives and partners as they are no longer a couple. Tate aka “Jesse” can’t give her heart completely to Zachary but as the victims in the case they are working on begin to pile up the walls Jesse has built up have begun to crack. She finds that the feelings she has for Zachary run deep and that she doesn’t want to see him with anyone else but she can’t give him what he wants her ‘heart’. As they delve into the mind of a serial killer the killer begins to stalk set his eyes on one of his next targets: Detective Jesse Kensington. Jesse is a tough as nails detective and won’t give in to anyone especially a killer. When Zachary puts his life on the line to save an innocent child will Jesse finally be able to give him her heart? Once again K.T. Roberts does an amazing job taking a real life event and turning it into a story with twists and turns with an ending that will leave you speechless. I so hope this series continues.

Grade: A+


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