Demon’s are a Girl’s Best Friend

Demon’s are a Girl’s Best Friend

Witches bk 5

Linda Wisdom

Hellion Guard Margit “Maggie” O’Malley, backed by a team of assorted supernatural creatures, must protect a troublesome teen girl from the forces that want to sacrifice her to a dark Mayan god. Half-human fire demon Declan owns Damnation Alley, a club catering to nonhumans and containing a portal to the demon world. The two are drawn together by dreams and visions, allowing them to express their mutual interest even as they distrust each other in the real world. Romance and sex are firmly grounded with issues of family relations and friendship, giving this supernatural romp broad appeal.

When I got this book I was sick and not feeling well. As my family knows by now when Mom is sick she will grab a stack of books and burrow into the couch which is what I did. The book on top was this book, and I have to say that I was so into the book that I forgot all about being sick and miserable and was completely caught up with Maggie and Declan’s story.

Declan is really what did it for me on this book. There is so much more to him that just being a fire demon. No I am not going to tell you what that more is because I think it is part of the discovery of this book. But I will put it out there that those that he loves he will do absolutely anything to protect. When Maggie comes into his life it is not at a very good time for him, both professionally and personally. But there is just something about here that won’t let him walk away from her and his attraction to her.

Maggie is an excellent guard. She has found her niche in the world and is perfectly content with it. So when she meets Declan and the sparks fly she isn’t exactly happy about it, nor is she unhappy about it. As she comes to know him, she discovers that there is more going on that what she thinks, and she comes to depend on him.

Throw in a moody teen-ager with a questionable boy friend, a group of people bent on taking over the world by using dark magic. One really hot demon, did I fail to mention that Declan is SMOKIN HOT, and not because he is a fire demon. A witch that has a very clear set of rules about how things should be done. A quirky cast of secondary characters that make you shake your head and laugh because of how they interact. Add all of this together and you get one really good book.

When I was done with the book I made Mike go out and by the other books in the series, sadly he only came home with books 3 and 4, as he couldn’t find books 1 and 2. I read all of them that day, that is how much I enjoyed them.

Grade A



  1. Aurian

    Mmm I’ll have to read this one myself, and soon!

  2. Carol

    Sounds interesting. I like plots where the romantic leads start as opponents.

  3. Linda Wisdom

    Thank you for enjoying the witches!

    The first book, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, is available as a free ebook through April 11 pretty much everywhere. That and Hex Appeal are available in ebook form right now. My publisher chose not to go back to print again just now. :{ Here’s hoping that will change.


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