Demons Prefer Blondes

Title: Demons Prefer Blondes

Series: Demons Unleashed bk 1

Author: Sidney Ayers

Genre: Paranmormal


Rafe Deleon is a senior demon and he resents like hell his assignment to Earth to retrieve the Chest of the Damned before it falls into the wrong hands. But then he meets beautiful, intriguing succubus Lucy Gregory and she’s just unleashed a whole load of trouble…


Lucy’s chic suburban beauty salon has suddenly become the Underworld’s center of mass chaos and destruction. The only good thing in a day going rapidly down the tubes is the arrival of a gorgeous demon who’s adamant that he can help her…

But Lucy has quite a few deeply unpleasant–not to mention deadly and hateful–surprises ahead of her, and surely there’s never been a worse time to try out a new boyfriend…

I am always a little leery of new authors because you never know what you are going to get. There are no reviews and fans of the author yet so you are essentially going in blind. A lot like it was when I began reading romance. So I picked this up and starting reading.

It started off fine, and I was really liking Rafe and Lucy and how she managed to get under Rafe’s skin. Then about halfway through the book it just sorta pettered out for me. I don’t know why exactly it just did. It was like after the big reveal the rest was just filler.

Don’t get me wrong Rafe is one of the sexiest heroes I have ever read. He is an Alpha male to the extreme and he doesn’t care. He has a job to do and he is going to do it whether Lucy wants him to or not. He just can’t get past how Lucy effects him and is distracting him from said job.

Lucy is perfectly fine with the way her life is. She doesn’t need some Neandrathal man telling what to do and when. So what if he is sex on a stick, and manages to get her motor going with just a look.

There is a lot in the first half of this book that is great, and some reveals that may be surprising to some but didn’t exactly surprise me. There is a great cast of secondary characters that I felt kinda got the shaft, and left us hanging a bit on the explanation of them. I am hoping that this issues will be resolved in the next book in the series.

Because there will be a second book I am going to give this book a higher grade than if it was a single title because of the issues that I had with the book. All of that being said my feelings in no way should effect someone else reading this book, because my feelings about the book are greatly influenced by my mood at the time of reading, and I have to admit I was in a mood when I read this book.

Grade B


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