#DFRAT: Damned and Defiant by Kathy Kulig + giveaway

damned and defiantBLURB: Dante’s dimension is on the edge of destruction, he seeks the help of a special mortal woman, Haley Moore. Fierce, undeniable passion between them unravels his plans and threatens Haley’s life. To save her, he must resist temptation, abandon her and leave earth forever. The sacrifices and risks are great, but what if there’s one last chance at love?


“The kitchen is through there.” He pointed past the dining table. “Help yourself if you get hungry. Your room is this way.” He walked down a long hallway, pointing out the bathroom and his room, then entered a spare bedroom. Flicking on a wall switch, he dropped her duffle on the bed. A lamp on a bedside table, next to a queen-size bed illuminated the room. “Will this be okay for you?”

“This is great. A big room and a beautiful house. I’ve never lived in a house before.”

“No? Where did you live?” He moved over to the curtains and closed them, then moved up close again, so close she could feel his heat. God, she wanted him bad. Chest and arm muscled bulged against his T-shirt. She stuffed her hands inside her pockets.

“I grew up in Texas. Our place wasn’t as nice as this though.”

“Anything else you need?”

“No.” She didn’t take her eyes from him. Her belly quivered and her womb clenched. God, her panties were soaked. She wanted to say, Yes! Make love to me. You almost did once a long time ago in the desert.

He looked at her for a long time, and she fought a touch of vertigo. Dante closed his eyes as if he was struggling with something. Maybe he wanted to kiss her. Abruptly, he turned for the door. “Good night.”

“Dante,” she breathed and grabbed his arm. A wave of dizziness surged through her.

He jerked his arm away and looked up at her almost resentfully. “What?” His words were sharp.

She swallowed, about to change her mind. “You were there that time in the desert when I had sunstroke. Sakari and Brad were there too.”

He glanced down at the floor. “Is that what she told you?”

“She won’t tell me either way. I keep remembering parts of it. I don’t think it was sunstroke. I don’t remember hiking in the desert that day. Sometimes I see an underground room and feel pain, darkness and you holding me. Maybe it was the heat, but it seems so real.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Hmmm. Hallucinations can seem quite real especially when you’re ill.”

“I wasn’t ill and it wasn’t a hallucination,” she said. “Something else happened.”

He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe. “You worry about things that happened months ago?”

Anger made her bold. She stepped up to him and placed both hands on his crossed arms. As the dizzy sensation began, she instantly lowered her shroud of white light and her strength returned. “If you won’t tell me about that night. How about you tell me why you’ve never asked me out? We kissed that one time. Things got pretty hot and heavy there and then you stopped. And don’t tell me that was a hallucination. My knee is between your legs and could do some damage right now.” She smiled a little to show she was teasing. She was breathless and her heart thundered while she awaited his response.

The side of his mouth quirked in the slightest grin. “I need you here,” his voice was raspy and rumbled through her chest. There was lust in his gaze. The fluttery feeling in her stomach traveled straight to her pussy. “It’s important to solve this problem with these horses. I don’t want to complicate your life.”

She moved closer, her mouth an inch from his lips and whispered, “Complicate it.”

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