#DFRAT: Fire in the Smokies by Becca Jameson

*This book is a September Release. Becca is giving us a sneak peak at it :)*

fire in the smokies“His commands ignite flames in her that rival any forest fire…”

“Durham Wolves, Book 2”

When Jaxon Durham isn’t raising thoroughbreds with his brothers, he’s using his heightened senses to search for missing hikers in the Smokies. This time the call is for a firefighter gone missing on the front lines.

In his wolf form, he’s the first to track the firefighter to a cave, but he’s stopped cold by a stunning realization-it’s his mate. To his relief, the body covered in fireproof gear is female.

Brianna White can’t decide if she’s died and gone to heaven, or unconscious and having a delicious dream, when the wolf standing before her shifts into a naked man. Either way, she can’t resist the urge to go along for the ride. She never expected to fall so instantly, and so hard, for the sexy hunk.

But an old enemy is lurking beyond the walls of their refuge. The clock is ticking while Jaxon races to evade the deadly threat, even deadlier flames, and overcome the stubborn will of a woman who’s not sure she’s ready to give up life as she knew it.

Warning: Dark, sexy wolves in the Appalachians evoke steaming sex in a cave, light bondage and dominance, various plugs and vibrators, and an interesting masturbation chamber.


Jaxon’s hand shook more than he would have liked as he tugged the helmet off. “I didn’t mean to…reveal myself like that. I wasn’t thinking when I came barreling in here looking for you. I—”

Jaxon froze with the helmet held in midair. Holy mother of God.

Suddenly the firefighter wasn’t the only one not breathing. Jaxon could feel his heart beating, but he didn’t think he’d ever be able to inhale again in this lifetime.

Long blond curls fell from the helmet seemingly in slow motion. They cascaded down until they sprang back, bouncing as though they belonged in a photo shoot for some feminine shampoo. Emphasis on the word feminine.

The helmet slipped from Jaxon’s fingers and landed on the hard ground with a loud clatter. He swallowed. His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

Synapses fired from one side of his head to the other as he made sense of the picture in front of him.

This was no fireman. This was a woman.

And she still wasn’t breathing. And his d*ck thanked God she was a she and sprang to life. And, oh…he was naked.

Jaxon licked his lips and reached for her protective goggles. His hands shook considerably more than they had moments ago as he lifted the eyewear off her face and stared into her deep blue eyes. Huge eyes. Frightened eyes.

“Oh, God. I thought…” Jaxon let the goggles fall from his hand. A lock of silky hair caught in his fingers and he let the tresses dangle between them as they cascaded to her shoulders.

He let go with a start, as though she’d shocked him. “Wow, umm…” He abruptly stood and turned away.

Hastily he retraced his steps back to the entrance to the cave. Hands trembling, he grabbed his pack and yanked it open. His fingers quickly found his jeans. He shook the denim free of the pouch and stepped into them with more haste than he’d ever donned clothing in his life. In fact, he hobbled a bit on each leg as he tried to maintain his balance on one foot and then the other. His c*ck grew larger by the second, knowing his mate sat behind him. Jaxon didn’t bother with the button. The partially raised zipper would have to suffice for now.

When he turned back around he found his mate still sitting in the same spot. He doubted she’d even blinked yet.

Soot covered her face, having found its way in between the edges of her helmet and mask. The only clean area was the figure-eight space where the goggles had rested.

Jaxon approached slower this time. “Sorry for the…” God, what was he supposed to say? Sorry to shift in front of you? Sorry I was naked? Sorry to inform you we are destined to spend our lives together?

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  1. SnarkyMom

    YAY! Glad that the next one in the series is coming out — I LOVED “Rescue In The Smokies” and look forward to seeing more of the Durham brothers!

  2. hotcha1


  3. ELF

    Yum, looks like a fun read.

  4. wyndwhisper

    I would love to have them all but I won’t be greedy, I’ll be more than happy with Jessica’s Wolves. LOL

    tammy ramey


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