DFRAT Guest Post: Charlie Cochrane

Today we have Charlie Cochrane sharing her thoughts on digital publishing. She is also giving away a copy of her e-book Dreams of Hero so don’t forget to leave a comment. 

Digital publishing – an author’s perspective

The world of publishing is changing. Has changed. No longer is the only route into getting your work “out there” finding an agent who finds you a publisher, getting and advance and then seeing your work in paper books on bookshelves. Now (to the astonishment and maybe bewilderment of authors who entered the industry via that traditional route) many publishers take un-agented submissions and books can appear first, simultaneously or exclusively in e-book formats.

What does this mean for an author? Too many things to put all of them into this post, but the key ones are:

  • Easier to get published and easier to find a home for stories which are in less popular genres or might not be quite at home in the average bookstore. (Like well mannered gay werewolves?) E-books have also generated a vigorous new market for short stories.
  • Good level of royalties, even though advances are becoming rarer. And less of a time lag between a copy being sold and the author getting paid for it.
  • None (or at least a darn sight fewer) issues with ‘returns’ which eat into the print author’s royalties.
  • Opportunities for promotion. E-book readers are often internet savvy and frequent social media sites, some of which are specifically designed for authors to promote their wares.

Clearly there is a downside, of which illegal downloads and file sharing is one of the most obvious. (As is wholesale plagiarism by people who “adapt” your e-book and try to sell it as their own.) Also, many wonderful e-books have been tarnished, by association, because of the small amount of poorly written, badly edited, often-dripping-with-porn e-books on the market.

Do I regret getting into publishing this way? Not for a moment. Would I recommend it to other authors? Absolutely.

You can buy the book here.

Blurb: Mild-mannered and unassuming, Miles is on a journey he never expected. After a visit to Greece with his partner, Roger, he begins to experience vivid dreams in which he travels back in history and takes on the role of avenging hero.

Roger notices Miles’s newfound bravery during his waking hours and is concerned that his lover is changing into someone he doesn’t recognize.

When they discover a gay-friendly café is being plagued by violent thugs, Miles is uncharacteristically determined to take action, no matter the cost. Roger argues it would be both dangerous and pointless to intervene, but Miles insists he’s been called to fight an army, and now he’s found one.


The shield was tall and heavy, but the bearer was taller still. This gave little advantage when it meant he could get such a clear view of the advancing lines of troops. Miles adjusted his stance for comfort, staring oncoming death in the eye. “Which one is he?”

“The small one, that’s what they say.” Roger held the spear straight, never wavering even in the heat of impending battle. “Word is he’ll be leading the cavalry, away from where his father’s stationed.”

“Can’t have two firebrands together in case the whole world catches flame?” Miles managed a rueful smile. “They say he’s handsome, the son.”

“And spoken for.” The smile was returned.

“I only said he was rumoured to be handsome, not that I wanted him to carry me off to his tent.” Miles adjusted his stance again, eliminating any chink in the shield wall.

“You might be grateful if that were your fate, come nightfall.” Roger shivered. “I pray we’ll survive to joke about this. Now comes the deluge.”

“Deluge? Don’t you mean the conflagration, with the son of fire at its head? And with Hades’ gates wide open in his wake.”

The company turned slightly, as the horses came charging over the plain of Chaeronea.

Miles woke with a start.

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