DFRAT Guest Post: John R. Lindermuth

We want to give John a warm welcome to TBRG as he talks about how he feels about digital books. 

As my character Flora Vastine put it in Being Someone Else, “Nothing ever stays the same. For good or bad, life deals us changes and it’s up to us to accept the challenge or consequences.”

One of those changes is digital publishing. It’s a major factor in the revolution in the world of publishing we’re witnessing right now. It’s going to impact all of us—whether we like it or not.

As one raised in the world of books held in the hands, this change had me uneasy for a while. Then I realized two things that now have me embracing this change. First, I noticed I was selling more books in the electronic format than in print. Second, I discovered I genuinely like the ease of reading on my Kindle. Like Mr. Maugham’s character in The Book Bag, I can never venture far without a goodly supply of reading material. The number of books I can tote in my electronic device far exceeds those I could carry otherwise in the past.

This is definitely a revolution in which I want to participate.

Blurb: Practice To Deceive, a Sticks Hetrick mystery

Trouble follows Sticks Hetrick when he and Anita Bailey, the new woman in his life, go on aCaribbeancruise. Though he has no jurisdiction, Hetrick assists a Jamaican police inspector investigate two murders which have roots back home inPennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Officer Flora Vastine, Hetrick’s protégé and the team in Swatara Creek, are probing mysterious assaults on young women which will put Flora’s life in jeopardy.

Both Hetrick and Flora will learn the past has consequences which can’t be denied.




  1. John Brantingham

    I was turned off by the whole ebook thing too, but the ereaders have gotten better. I don’t want to read a computer, but my cheapo kindle doesn’t feel like a computer, so I’m on board.

  2. Augie

    John, I enjoyed this post pushing me closer to ebooks. I’ve read many blogs on how to start one, but the certainty is not there for me, who to trust, the cost and the control. augie


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