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enslavedEnslaved, Book One in the Enslaved Trilogy by Shoshanna Evers, from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint, is available now at AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiTunes

Here’s the blurb…and below that, an excerpt you won’t find in the sample pages!


From a red-hot erotica writer comes an original eBook—a sensual romp across the playgrounds of the unbelievably rich and extremely sexy.

Elisabeth Anderson has seen Trevor and his friends at the infamous Manhattan BDSM club WhipperSnapper, where everyone calls them the BAD Boys, for “Billionaire Arrogant Doms.” The BAD Boys—Trevor Brooks, Marc Wilde, and Roman Chase—are aptly named; they’ve made money hand over fist due to their aggressive investing at the Brooks Wilde Chase Fund. These guys are so rich they can get away with anything, or so the rumors go.

Trevor gives Elisabeth full reign of his estate in Westchester, letting her do as she pleases. He has only two rules. Rule One: she must obey and submit to him while she is living in his house. Rule Two: always answer the blue cell phone. She’s happy to oblige, because being with Trevor makes her want to obey, to love him the way he seems to be falling for her. But Elisabeth’s never been good at being the quiet sub; she’s feisty and gets off on the punishments more than she does by pleasing Trevor.

Elizabeth can’t submit to Trevor the way he needs her to, so his friend and business partner (and fellow BAD Boy) Roman takes her in hand. But love triangles can have sharp edges…and somebody’s bound to get hurt.


An excerpt from Enslaved, Book One in the Enslaved Trilogy

Copyright 2012 Shoshanna Evers

Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, All Rights Reserved


Elisabeth unlocked the door and went to the bed, kneeling. She remained as motionless as possible, her eyes shut, to give Trevor the chance to see her before she saw him.

What was going to happen? To spend one evening getting flogged in public was one thing, but to be alone in a bedroom with a Dom she’d met once before was another.

The door didn’t squeak on its hinges as it opened, but she heard it quietly latch shut. And a click as the lock turned in place.

She trusted Gregory, and Gregory said to trust Trevor. Which is why she shouldn’t be so frightened suddenly. Weren’t they just bantering on the blue cell phone not a moment before?

Yes. She could trust Trevor.

She must—at this point, there was no going back. Or was there?


So now she was alone now with him. With Trevor.

Elisabeth could sense he was quite close to her, despite being unable to see him, her eyes still shut. A whiff of expensive cologne that reminded her of something—someone?—and then the heat of his hand on her chilled face.

She whimpered, scared now.

She didn’t know this man. What he was into. What he’d do to her, or make her do to him. Men had some kinky tastes, that she did know.

“Are you okay doing this?” he asked. “Do I have your consent?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Open your eyes, Elisabeth. Look at me.”

She obeyed, and saw he’d dimmed the lighting, casting the guest bedroom in shadow, though still softly lit. Sconces on the walls threw golden highlights across the mahogany furniture.

“You look frightened,” Trevor whispered. “Were you scared I was going to slap you?”

Why would such a gorgeous man want her, when he could have anyone? His dark hair, neatly trimmed, contrasted sharply with green eyes the color of the emerald ring her mother had given her before she passed. Of course, that emerald was of poor quality, cloudy with flecks of—

“You need to answer me when I ask you a direct question,” Trevor prompted.

Well, then. Let the games begin.

“I forgot the question,” she lied, and gave him what Gregory always called her “brat face,” but that she preferred to think of as a cheeky grin.

“Then I imagine you’re not too frightened to continue.”

Elisabeth laughed. Trevor was totally different from Gregory. From the flogging he’d given her at the club it was clear he knew what he was doing. So what did he need her for? Certainly not to practice on.

“Keep laughing, princess.”

She promptly shut her mouth, her gaze flickering involuntarily over to the large duffel bag on the low dresser across the room. He’d brought it in with him.

“I don’t like to slap faces, but I will make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably tonight.”

“Sorry, sir,” she replied, as nonchalantly as possible, hoping to make it clear she wasn’t sorry. Her nerves continued their skitter jangle, but now she was in her element. She knew how to force a man to earn her respect.

Technically she was supposed to submit to and respect him automatically because Gregory had ordered her to, but that’s not how it worked for her. Never had.

“No you’re not,” he said.

“I’m not,” she agreed. “I’m a fucking masochist. A pain-slut, remember? Do your worst.”

Trevor reached out casually and grabbed her by her hair, twisting the black strands in his fingers until she felt the sting on her scalp. “As you wish.”



 enamoredEnamored, Book Two in the Enslaved Trilogy by Shoshanna Evers, from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint, released May 13, 2013 and is available now at AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo and iTunes!


Here’s the blurb…and below that, an excerpt you won’t find in the sample pages!


The second original eBook in the red-hot Enslaved trilogy begins with a dangerous bet that turns good friends into exquisite lovers.

Billionaire BAD Boy Marc Wilde has never met a woman who could fulfill his every need…until he takes his good friend and fellow dominant Mistress Lauren up on a dangerous bet—a bet where she ends up as his sex slave for a week. Can a Dominatrix fall in love with a Dom? Only if she can find a way to submit to Marc’s every desire and be happy about it. Lauren has her doubts…but the flirtation, the friendship, and the sex might be too much for either to resist…


An excerpt from Enamored, Book Two in the Enslaved Trilogy

Copyright 2012 Shoshanna Evers

Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, All Rights Reserved


Maybe she should just safeword out and go home. They could laugh it all off tomorrow and go back to normal—to being just friends, good friends. Best friends.

But the little voice in the back of her head that suggested she might be better off leaving now was silenced when Marc came out of the bathroom . . .

Naked, and hot as hell.

Oh, fuck. His full-sleeve tattoos only intensified her body’s immediate reaction to seeing Marc naked. Not only were his arms tattooed, but his entire back, ankles, and calves were like works of art, painted on a perfectly hard, muscled body.

She swallowed and looked at him, not bothering to hide her staring, not after the way he’d unashamedly watched her strip earlier. His cock was huge, hanging low. Why wasn’t he hard? God knew she was wet with desire already.

“Sorry I took so long,” he said. “I had to let off some steam so I’d be able to focus on you properly.”

Ah. No wonder then—he’d jacked off in the shower.

“I could have helped you with that,” she said.

“But I didn’t ask you to.” He walked toward her, his naked body now mere inches from hers, separated only by the blanket she’d pulled up to her chin. “You keep forgetting, baby. Tonight, I’m calling the shots.”

“Sorry.” I can’t help it, she thought. But she’d never liked it when a sub tried to top from the bottom, so she’d do her best to behave the way she’d want one of her own subs to behave.

“I want to see you again,” he said, and pulled back the covers.

He groaned as if in appreciation, a primal sound that made her feel extremely sexy. “You wear clothing way too often around me, I think.”

“You too,” she laughed. “How come you never told me you had such a big cock?”

Marc laughed and rubbed his shaved head. “I can just imagine that conversation. Hey, Lauren, how’s it going? Fine. That’s cool. By the way, in case you’re interested, I tend to bruise cervixes when I fuck.”

Lauren laughed, glad to hear the Marc she was used to talking again. He’d never spoken to her before the way he did tonight, in that alluring, dominant way. He’d never called her baby before.

It was different, but . . . she kinda liked it.

“Are you still going to tie me up?” she asked. “I mean . . . ack, I keep topping from the bottom. I’ll shut up now.”

He looked at her and cocked his head. “I think you might benefit more from having the ability to move as you please but choosing to position yourself the way I tell you. It’s a lesson in submission.”

“I can’t believe this,” she said. “I’m being trained.”

“Yes,” Marc said. “You are.”

She could do this, she could let Marc train her if that’s what needed to happen. It was just one week. She could survive anything for a week, right? All those times she’d fantasized about being with Marc in bed . . . she was finally here.

Too bad she was on the bottom.

“I just want to put this out there, that this is hard for me.”

“I know.” He slid into the bed next to her, his body warm next to her cool skin, seeming to heat her up. “You think you lost a bet, but I’m going to try to make it so you feel like you won, too.”

“Does that mean I can be in charge?” she asked hopefully, already knowing the answer.

“No. It means you can trust me to take care of you while I’m in charge. You can finally let down that shield that’s surrounded you from the day we met and relax . . . because tonight, you’re mine.”

Desire coursed through her, inexplicable desire. Why would the thought of letting go of her shield do that to her? Her shield kept her safe from men, an invisible force-field that had been up ever since she was fourteen.

But Marc was different. She knew him, she trusted him with her life. And now, she’d trust him with her body.

What Marc didn’t know, though, because she’d never told him—or anyone, for that matter—that while she might be able to give her body to him, she was going to have a very hard time relinquishing the control she kept over everything in her mind.

“Get on your hands and knees, facing me, Lauren.”

Oh my God. This was happening.



enrapturedEnraptured, Book Three in the Enslaved Trilogy by Shoshanna Evers, from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint, is available now at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Koboand iTunes.

Here’s the blurb, and below that, an excerpt you won’t find in the sample pages!


The stunning conclusion to the red-hot Enslaved erotica trilogy finds a curious young beauty baring more than her skin…

Lovely, blonde, and young, Jessica accepted a job at New York’s most exclusive BDSM nightclub to make ends meet…and to satisfy her curiosity. Nobody is more intriguing than the BAD boys—Billionaire Arrogant Doms—a trio of unbelievably rich and sexy men. Jessica willingly gets involved with the group, shedding her formerly shy persona to explore the limits of her own desire. But she isn’t sure how vulnerable she wants to be…until the one BAD Boy who never wants to fall in love again—the gorgeous, passionate, and unexpectedly tender Roman—takes an interest in her, and Jessica finds herself drawn deeper into his world than she ever expected.

An excerpt from Enraptured, Book Three in the Enslaved Trilogy

Copyright 2012 Shoshanna Evers

Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, All Rights Reserved

She looked at the small strip of light coming in through the window. Roman had noticed she opened the curtain earlier, but he enjoyed seeing the way the thin rays of sunshine played along her hair, so he let it be.

“It would take a long time,” Jessica said softly, “but eventually I could pay off my own student loans, sir.”

“There are other benefits,” he said. “I can tell you are a natural submissive. In embracing your submission, you’ll find freedom. You’ll be able to let go of your self-esteem issues because you’ll be mine, and you’ll know that I always choose to surround myself with the best.”

“But that’s just it, Roman. I’m not the best. I’m not even particularly good. I’m just a girl who sells overpriced lemonade at a BDSM club!”

Roman frowned. He needed to start this off the right way. Without a word, he grasped her hand in his and pulled her over his knee.

The word “What—” started to come out of her mouth, but she stopped herself and merely looked at him in surprise.

“I told you I’d spank you if you spoke like that about yourself. Stop me now if you want to.”

A mixture of fear and desire glowed in her eyes. “I’m not stopping you, sir.”

Roman lifted her dress, revealing her white cotton panties, and pulled them down. Fuck, she had an amazing ass. It was still a bit red from her earlier paddling.

He brought his hand up and spanked her, a quick, harsh spank that let her know he meant business.

Jessica gasped but didn’t move her legs, just tucked her cheek against the couch, looking at him as he spanked her again, once on each cheek. She didn’t make a sound.

But a spanking needed to hurt to make the point, so he continued until she started sobbing, dry, tearless sobs that sounded like quick, sharp moans. His cock hardened at the sound, at the feel of her pliable flesh beneath his hand.

When he felt she’d had enough, he pulled her panties up and sat her up again, wrapping his arm around her slender shoulders. He wanted to comfort her, but wasn’t sure how, so he held her close, feeling her body heat against his and breathing steadily, hoping his erection would go away.

“Thank you, sir,” she whispered.

His heart raced. She’d thanked him for the spanking. It was so clear that she would flourish under his care. Could she see that? Did she know?

“Please—consider moving into my home as my collared submissive, Jessica. It’s not a proposal I’ve ever given lightly before.”

“What would I have to do?”

“Obey me. Submit to punishments if you don’t, like just now. And agree to train with me to bring out your own desires.” He paused to let his words sink in. “Did you like that spanking, Jessica?”

She blushed, a pretty pink that came up through her cheeks. “In the moment, no. But immediately after you stopped, I wished you hadn’t. That probably doesn’t even make sense.”

“It does. Are you . . . aroused?”

And then Jessica did something he absolutely wasn’t expecting.

She took his hand in hers and placed it under her skirt, at the junction of her thighs. “You’re welcome to see for yourself, sir.”

Roman fought to keep his hand steady as he felt underneath her panties, his fingers running across her pussy. She was soaking wet with desire. In a moment of need, he pushed his fingers deep within her.

Jessica’s expression turned to one of passion as he found her clitoris and rubbed it in tight circles, wanting to reward her for her submission. She kept her hand over his, soft moans escaping her lips, not unlike the sounds she made when he’d spanked her.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, and he rubbed faster, watching her face, her eyes closed, her long lashes brushing her face.

“As my slave, you’ll have as many orgasms as I want you to, and you won’t be allowed to hold back from me. If you do, I’ll tie you down and force you to come again and again. Whenever I want to, I’m going to fuck you,” he said, thrusting two fingers deep inside her once more, pressing against her g-spot until she bucked against his hand. “And at the end of the day, you’ll either sleep in my bed, or on the floor, depending on how I think you should be rewarded.”

She came hard, her juices covering his hand, but he held his thumb against her sensitive, swollen clit, pressing it, making her face scrunch up tight as her post-orgasmic body tried to make sense of the overstimulation.

“I’ll give you everything, Jessica. I don’t want to be alone anymore. And you don’t want to live in your shithole apartment anymore. Stay with me. Go back to school. Live here, at my estate. Please.”

He’d never begged before, but he found it surprisingly easy to do when her eyes were closed, her pussy captured by his hand, her mouth open in ecstasy.

“Yes. I’ll do it. I’ll be your slave, Roman. Sir.” She opened her eyes and looked at him, breathing hard.

“And you’ll make me happy,” he said. He meant for it to be a command. An order.

Instead, it had the ring of a prayer.


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