Do Over

Do Over

Mari Carr


Sometimes once is not enough…

After twenty-five years of marriage, Faith Wainwright wonders what she’ll do next. Her kids have moved out and sometimes she feels so distant from her husband, Troy.

Right before their anniversary, Troy gives Faith an unexpected gift: a journey through their hometown to reenact all their “firsts.” Their first date. Their first kiss. And especially the first time they made love-only better.

Each stop on their tour becomes an opportunity for Faith and Troy to rediscover how explosive their passion can be. Now Faith knows exactly what she’s going to do-Troy, over and over again…

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I thought the name looks interesting and the story seems like a nice fun read. As I read this book I couldn’t help but think of Mike and I at that stage in our life (which is a few years away).

The thing that I absolutely loved about this book was that it wasn’t Faith doing all of the planning, she had no clue about any of it. Troy with some help from others had planned it all. After 25 years he wanted to show her that he still loved and desired her, and boy does he ever. As these two go about recreating and in some instances doing better than the first time the early years of their marriage, they realize that their love is so much more now. One of the things that I really liked was that as they went about this process they rediscovered who the other person was, now and how they were willing to make changes for the other person

This is a quick fun read, with no conflict at all. It is all about reliving and rediscovering the person that you love the most.

Grade B+



  1. Lisa

    As a woman married, faithfully, for 30 years. I think this sounds like a terrific book! I will be looking for it. And if I can find it, it will go to the first spot on the to be read shelf. Ahead of even the holiday book!

  2. Lisa Hutson

    What a huge disappointment!! I only find it in e book. Wow. These machines have made me feel quite unwanted to the book people. One more book I will miss. Such a let down.

  3. Heather-admin

    Lisa you can download it to your computer and read it there, that is what I do.

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