Don’t you hate it when….

Don’t you hate it when you go to the library and get a bunch of books get home and realize that you have read them already. That is what happened to me this week. Last week I was surfing the many blogs that I read looking for some good reading material because the books on my nightstand just weren’t cutting it for me. So I found about four of them that looked good. I went to the library website and requested the books. Today I went and picked them up (I have gone to the library everyday since the previous post about library books) and some other books that I had requested.

Because I woke up feeling like crap I stayed in my pj’s and picked up the first book that I had gotten based on a review from another blog, 4 pages in I thought I know this story, I skipped to the middle and read a couple of pages and went yep I know this story, but I received confirmation when I read the ending. I had read this book years ago and loved it. However I wasn’t blogging then nor was writing down the books that I was reading. So put it down and picked up the next book, the same thing.

It was then I remembered why I started blogging. To remember all the fricking books that I read.

Has this happened to anyone else?




  1. Heather D

    Lol, I have done that, not with quite so many books. here recently I haven't been reviewing all of the books I have been reading. Either I am not feeling the review or I just don't have the time to sit down and write it. And if I don't write it within the first couple of days, I won't write it for lack of anything to say.

  2. Michelle

    yes that happened to me. i went to borders and bought a nora roberts book on a whim. i read a few chapters in and realized that i already read the book when i borrowed it from the library a few years ago. i couldn't return the book because the spine had a fold line. 🙁



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