Echos at Dawn by Maya Banks

Title: Echos at Dawn

Series: KGI bk 5

Author: Maya Banks

Genre: Contemporary

Grace Peterson is desperate, in hiding, and on the run after escaping a shadowy group determined to exploit her extraordinary ability to heal others. Her only lifeline–an unerring telepathic ability she shares with her sister–has been severed, leaving her alone and vulnerable. And time is fast running out…

Enlisted to bring Grace home is Rio, relentless member of the KGI. He’s unprepared for his reaction to this wounded, damaged woman, and he’s fiercely determined to protect her from those who nearly destroyed her. In Rio, she finds a safe haven, and for the first time…hope. But the mission is far from over. The danger Grace has eluded is fast closing in. And now it’s pitching two lovers toward an unfamiliar horizon, with no place left to hide.

Ok I have to admit I resisted reading this series until the last book Whispers in the Dark and am now kicking myself for holding out. I don’t know why I did either as I LOVE Maya Banks. She is an author I can trust to consistently deliver an excellent story.

In Whispers in the Dark we meet very briefly Grace Shea’s sister, and see Rio’s promise to bring her home to Shea. Based off those two things I knew I was going to love Grace and Rio’s story. Mainly because Rio was such an enigmatic hero.

One of the things I really enjoy about Maya’s books is that the conflict is almost always an external conflict and one that brings the hero and heroine together in a way that cements their bond.

When Rio finally finds Grace we begin to discover who has been after Shea and Grace and why. Grace is no simpering heroine either she’s in bad shape mentally and physically when Rio finally finds her, and yet she doesn’t complain but does what she needs to escape the people who were holding her captive.

Rio and Grace are one of those couples who from the moment they meet there is that connection and Rio’s sole focus is Grace and getting her healthy and also making sure she stays safe so that she can be in his life.

I loved getting to know Rio and my heart broke for him as he revealed his past, but I cheered as Grace showed him how she feels for him.

So I could go on gushing about how much I loved Rio and Grace but there is one thing that happened in the book that I didn’t like and felt was unnecessary and could have been accomplished in a different way, but hey I’m not the author and so I have to trust she did what she did for a reason. However this one thing (and no I’m not going to tell you what it was) doesn’t detract from the story. It just took it from an A to an A-

Over all this one book that I will be re-reading again as it is that good.

Grade A-



  1. Janon

    I just love her books! Looking forward to reading this one.

  2. Helen

    Love love love maya books! Loved rio’s story. Can’t wait for Cole and P.j next!


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