Elusive Justice by K.T. Roberts

ElusiveJusticeTitle: Elusive Justice

Series: Kensington-Gerard Detective series Book 2

AuthorL K.T. Roberts

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Book Two of the Gerard-Kensington Series

Two detectives, two cases . . . seemingly unrelated until a baffling discovery entwines them forever . . .

Tate Kensington thought she was out of homicide for good. Missing Persons is hard on the heart, but it gives her the resources and spare time she needs to help a young girl desperately searching for her beloved brother.

Meanwhile, with a murder case that has him stumped, Zachary Gerard is beginning to resent all the time Tate’s been devoting to her pet project instead of him. Zachary’s murder victim is turning out to be way more than anyone ever suspected, and the red tape isn’t making this case any easier.

When it suddenly becomes clear that the two cases are not as independent as Kensington or Gerard thought, secrets long buried will be revealed, and the pair will team up once again on the hunt for . . . Elusive Justice.

Thoughts: When there are two different cases that somehow tie together. Zachary Gerard is investigating a murder where the only witness is the victim’s son. The son has been kept like a recluse no friends, home schooled and the only person he saw was his father. Tate Kensington was now working in missing persons and after the latest case she was working on resulted in the death of the child she found herself helping out a co-worker in looking for her brother who went missing years earlier. Her friend never gave up hope. When Tate and her former partner and now boyfriend Zachary start discussing their two cases somethings start looking too familiar. I won’t go into any more details as I don’t want to give away any spoilers here. I will say that K.T. Roberts has done a fantastic job in showing the developing relationship between Tate and Zachary as well as a storyline that has many twists and turns as any story can have and an ending that will blow your mind. Definitely a must read. Looking forward to book 3.

Grade: A+


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