Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment

Brenda Novak

Sometimes you have to risk it all Emma Wright has finally escaped the dangerous man who’s controlled her every move for the past six years. Taking her five-year-old son, she has fled across the country — seeking freedom, safety, and a fresh start. But Max’s father isn’t giving up so easily. Preston Holman understands the lengths a parent will go for his child. He’s given up everything to pursue the man he believes killed his son. When Preston meets Emma, he wants nothing to do with her or the boy who reminds him so much of his own child. Yet he can’t abandon them — and as he’s drawn into the danger that surrounds them, Preston begins to wonder if he’s finally found something to live for beyond revenge.

REVIEW: I went into this book with no real opinion of Brenda Novak. I wasn’t sure about the premise for the book and if I would really like it. This is one of those kinds of stories where the author has to walk a real fine line.

Emma is woman on the edge. For years she has been planning her escape and the time has finally arrived. However nothing goes according to plan. What I liked about her is that no matter how messed up things get she finds a way to adapt.

Preston is on a mission and nothing and no one is going to get in his way, especially Emma and her son. He leaves them time and time again and always ends up back with them.

I finished this book last night and am still not sure how I feel about it. One side of me says that the relationship between Emma and Preston happened to quickly, however the other side of me reminds me that I knew that Mike was the one for me in a week. The other side then quickly points out that I wasn’t on the run from an abusive boy friend that will kill to get me back.

I have sever mixed feelings about this book so I can’t give it a very high rating.

I give this book a 3 out of 5.


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