Festive in Death by J.D. Robb

fastive in deathTitle: Festive in Death

Series: In Death bk 39

Author: J.D. Robb

Genre: Murder Mystery

Personal trainer Trey Ziegler was in peak physical condition. If you didn’t count the kitchen knife in his well-toned chest.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas soon discovers a lineup of women who’d been loved and left by the narcissistic gym rat. While Dallas sorts through the list of Ziegler’s enemies, she’s also dealing with her Christmas shopping list—plus the guest list for her and her billionaire husband’s upcoming holiday bash.

Feeling less than festive, Dallas tries to put aside her distaste for the victim and solve the mystery of his death. There are just a few investigating days left before Christmas, and as New Year’s 2061 approaches, this homicide cop is resolved to stop a cold-blooded killer.

Thoughts: I’ve been a fan of this series for years, I think the 6th book had just come out when I discovered it and I’ve read every book since. Some I’ve loved, some I’ve liked and others I’ve been meh about.

This was one of those not quite meh but not quite liked either.

The murder was interesting and up till almost the end of the book I wasn’t sure who the real killer was, as the murder victim was one who really did deserve to die.

What made this book in between was the scenes in the middle of the book revolving around Eve and Roarke’s annual holiday party. It’s here that we really get to see how much Eve has changed since that first book where she was a complete loner and Sommerset hated her on sight.

Eve needs something from Sommerset in this book, and the only way he’ll agree to do it for her is she has to help set up for the party. From this point till the end of the party I loved every single word. There’s a scene with even and Trueheart and his lady love that will put a smile on your face.

If you’re a die hard fan of this series then you won’t want to miss this book. If you love to read about Eve, Roarke and the family they have created for themselves then you won’t want to miss this book. If you love a good mystery then for sure don’t miss this one, as like I said I had no clue who the murderer was until it was revealed.

Grade B


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  1. Gail D

    I love this series!!! Mavis , Trueheart, the list goes on…


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