Fevered Hearts by Em Petrova

cover59637-mediumTitle:  Fevered Hearts
Series:  N/A
Author:  Em Petrova

Genre:  Erotica

Blurb:   When faced with a challenge, it’s best to pool your resources.Liam Mattson used to play his wife’s body like a fine violin. Until a logging accident dampened his fine motor skills and rendered his legs—and the most important part of his below-the-waist playground—useless.If only Liam would throw himself into therapy with the same vigor he used to throw her into bed, Ivy is sure he’d fully recover. But lately she’s felt adrift, while he’s stuck in self pity and pre-occupation with a serious threat to his logging business.When Ward Bose returns from the backwoods, Liam isn’t blind to the heated, guilty glances between his best friend and his wife. And he takes a step he never could have taken if his legs were working—ask Ward to service Ivy in bed.The moment the three come together, Ward’s heartstrings are tied in knots, and Liam holds them in his fist. But secrets they’re each keeping could tear them all apart…unless they can find a way to share their burdens as easily as they share their love.Warning: Men who wield big saws know how to care of business—in bed and out.

Thoughts:  I thought this one might be an intriguing spin on your typical ménage – and in some ways it is, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. In this case, it was the ‘secrets’ that threw a wrench in the works for me and made it a bit less enjoyable overall.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let me say I thought that the disability angle, and the idea of adding a third to help ‘satisfy’ the needs of a wife that maybe were no longer being met fully was interesting – add to that a ‘best friend’ formerly only seen in pictures who finds himself instantly attracted to said wife, and we have a story made for fun and carnal pleasures – or so it would seem. What threw a wench into the works for me was the fact that Liam and Ward – the two best buds – had been romantically involved previously. Now don’t get me wrong – I have read one or two M/M romances before. Not many, but one or two. My problem here is that #1 – I think it’s difficult for two parties out of a third party group to have more history than the rest, #2 the deception of trying to keep said relationship secret (I despise secrets and deceptions!), and #3 the fact that this was an angle in the book and not disclosed to the reader.

Because of that ‘secret’ past history, it made me feel bad for Ivy – like she was this third wheel in a secret relationship. Particularly since Liam only decided to get his head out of his butt and make some changes once his former lover appeared on the scene.

Overall, I felt a bit mislead by the blurb in this case – I felt like the relationship between Ward and Liam in the past played a lot more heavily into this story and that should have been disclosed and definitely should have been put into the blurb somewhere.

Rate:  D


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